You spent HOW MUCH time there?

December 2, 2014

RescueTime is a simple time management tool that helps you reveal how you are spending your time while on a computer or mobile device.

It keeps track of how much time you spend and categorize the activities you do so you can have an accurate idea of where your day goes.


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How does it work

To get started, install RescueTime on your computer or device. This keeps track of applications and websites you spend time on and creates a daily report which you access on the website.
What kind of system or device can I use?
Works on Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android devices

Focus on your top 3 things
Choose the top 3 things you do that makes your day productive and which makes it less.

Set a focus time goal
Decide on how many hours a day you think you need to get stuff done. You can also use this to set a limit on other activities.

Learn from your day
The app starts tracking from the time you actively use your computer or mobile device. On your dashboard, you get an overview of what sort of activities fill your time and which type take a big part.
Your activities gets ranked and measured into a quick productivity chart. A score between 1 – 100 lets you quickly know your daily pattern.

What we like

Your Daily Patterns Revealed
As you continue using the app, you will know when you are performing at your peak and examine your habits with the in depth reports.

Block out distractions for a period of time

Set a focus time session that helps you block very distracting websites.

Get Alerts as you go
It lets you know when you’ve spent a certain amount of time on particular activities.

You can now connect it with GitHub and Gyroscope
Keep track of what you are accomplishing in your coding projects without doing any extra work.
Tip: You can only connect to projects that you have admin access for, and only your commits will be logged.

Gyroscope takes data from your fitness trackers, online accounts, and other apps and gives you a unique report at how your life’s streams fit together.


Who should use this?

Rescue Time is an excellent time management tool for professionals who work long hours with a computer. It is recommended for app and website developers, writers, designers and even students who need uninterrupted focus.

It helps you make better use of the time you have by revealing areas you can refine, blocking out distractions, and keeping you accountable to yourself. You are one step closer to creating more productive time for yourself.

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