How Can A Marketing Automation Tool Be Beautiful Yet Amazingly Powerful

September 11, 2014

ActiveCampaign is an impressive email software solution that makes email marketing and automation easy.
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ActiveCampaign can also work as your sales & CRM system used best in your business whether you are just starting out or already familiar with similar tools like Ontraport or MailChimp. It has a nice blend of features of both popular tools – having a beautifully designed dashboard like Mailchimp, powerful automation like Ontraport, and best of all, priced very affordably for smaller databases.

A look at the dashboard

What we like about it

It is simple and the design helps you get into the right workflow. You instantly get an overview of your email marketing campaign, your contacts, which automations are active, pending tasks and you get to choose which report you would like to see at a glance by dragging and dropping widgets you need around the screen. You can get started on a very low fee structure especially if you only have a small ‘list.


How does it work?

Creating a campaign is fast and easy

We like that the interface is very visual making it easy to build your campaign step by step and the templates they offer look great and fit all businesses.



Automate (your sales gem)

We like that each action you can choose from has an icon rather than choosing from a dropdown list making it quicker to recognize how you want to implement your sales followups – whether you want to send an offer when a URL (website address) is visited or an event is triggered.


Sales and CRM already built in


You can integrate your preferred CRM with ActiveCampaign or better to use what’s already built in which makes your sales pipeline a seamless process.

When you need help they offer hands on and professional support


You can get help how to form your strategy based on what your business needs and equip you with the knowledge how to make it happen using the tool.

More features we like

Simple drag and drop email editor

When you drag content, your email resizes in real time, reorder or resize items easily.
Watch the video to see the demo

With the email editor, you can:

  • Add new rows and columns by simply dragging new content to the edge of any existing content.
  • See a full list of everyone who is currently viewing your email
  • Your email will automatically be mobile ready for a beautiful display on both desktops and mobile devices.
  • Do full image editing capabilities including resizing, cropping, automatic image scaling
  • Add blocks of text, headers, images, videos, and live content from RSS feeds
  • For advanced users, HTML editor is available if you choose to use your own design

You can easily share automations

How does it work?

  • Create a share link by clicking the down arrow to the right of an automation
  • Any ActiveCampaign user you share this link with will be able to import your automation
  • When you import the automation, you will be asked details to fit it to your own pipeline


How does this help you?

  • This saves you time and effort having to re-do the same automations over and over. You can even save them as templates
  • Painless effort migrating automations between accounts
  • For returning customers, you can still import your backed up automations with the links
  • For advanced marketers, you can bundle automations into a high-value product and sell it to help others get new leads, referrals and repeat business.

What is shared?
Only the automation itself and any messages it uses

What will not be shared
Campaigns, lists, scores, deals, pipelines, events, and whitelisted domains

Who should use this?

ActiveCampaign is a great email marketing tool if you want to save more time in keeping track and sending communication to thousands of customers. You can also give access to your sales staff as many as you want as agents with no extra fees unlike other tools that often charge extra per user.


How can I switch if I already use another service?


You can use the Contact Import Tool to add as many contacts as you’d like, and choose which lists, status, and other options get applied to those contacts.

How much does it cost?

Depending how many contacts you need to keep track of, it starts at $9 for 500 contacts which makes it an ideal way to get into powerful email automation.  Each plan however lets you send unlimited emails per month.  You also get premium email templates, powerful email design editor
Instant email testing & preview, Integration with Facebook, Shopify, WordPress and many more.

In case you just need the basic email autoresponder with a sequence of messages, Aweber is a good alternative

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