Deadline Funnel: Using The Power Of Deadlines In Your Sales Funnel To Increase Conversion

November 9, 2016
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Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel

Increase your conversion today with Deadline Funnel

Creating a sense of urgency in your marketing copy is a powerful way to increase your click-through rate and conversion. Why? Because it’s human nature to respond to it by making spur-of-the-moment decisions.

Is this effective?

We have found in our own testing, sending 3 emails + a specified deadline resulted in more than double the number of signups. That’s impressive!

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How do you add urgency?

There are a number of ways you can add a sense of urgency to your marketing. Using a countdown timer raises the urgency level and compels action.

The power of deadlines

This is what Deadline Funnel is all about. This tool allows you to set up a countdown timer to your sales pages, emails, etc, with great flexibility in customization. Jack Born, the man behind it, believes that you have to have an actual working product that provides great value for deadlines to work. For him, the winning combination is:

1. having a great product,
2. it is something your customer wants, and
3. they can only get it for a limited amount of time.

How does it work?

The campaign builder is straightforward and easy to navigate through. To create a new countdown, login and click Countdowns and then Add new

Deadline Funnel - countdowns

Select what type of campaign you want to create

Deadline Funnel - product launch or evergreen

If choosing a Product Launch, you can type in the details of your campaign on the next page.

Deadline Funnel - campaign details
Deadline Funnel - campaign details 2

Once saved, you will be prompted to install Deadline Funnel code on your website

Deadline Funnel - install code

When done, you can start building your Fixed Deadline

Deadline Funnel - Fixed deadline

1. Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Email Setup (if you would like to use an animated countdown in one of your emails)

Deadline Funnel - email setup

Step 2: Webpage Countdown (you can enter your code to any of the tools you have integrated with Deadline Funnel. In our example, we used LeadPages.

Deadline Funnel - webpage countdown

Step 3: You can test your funnel from start to finish.

Deadline Funnel - Testing

2. Funnel Steps

Deadline Funnel - funnel steps

Add the URLs of your website where you want Deadline Funnel to be activated.

3. Email Setup

Deadline Funnel - email countdown

You can grab the code to create an animated countdown timer, and also use expiring links for your emails in your campaign.

4. Appearance

Deadline Funnel - countdown appearance

You can edit the appearance of your countdown, whether you choose inline, floating bar, or email timer.

5. Settings

Deadline Funnel - settings

This is where you can update the general settings of your countdown.

6. Testing

Deadline Funnel - testing2

Here, you and your team can test your deadline to make sure everything works as it should.

If choosing Evergreen, you have options to choose how your prospects would enter your funnel

Deadline Funnel - evergreen


Deadline Funnel - integrations

Deadline Funnel is designed to integrate with practically any tool you are using in your funnel. It’s as simple as installing a code as you would any other code (such as Google Analytics, etc).

What do we love about it?

We used to open and close our membership manually. We had to manually adjust a counter, and then edit the sales page it was on and off, to indicate that the offer was no longer available.

With Deadline Funnel, you can automate the opening and closing of your product / service.

Awesome support
We were given incredible support to ensure our deadline funnel was operating effectively.

Deadline Fingerprint technology
The Deadline Funnel Fingerprint technology tracks everyone in your funnel using a combination of cookie + IP address + email address, to make sure their deadline is consistent through your entire funnel. This deadline fingerprint travels with them no matter where they are in your sales funnel so they have a consistent experience.

Embedded timers are sync-ed
Also, all your timers are sync-ed! Your countdown won’t reset if one person has opened another instance of your offer using a different device.

Other features you should know about

Customizable timer design
Deadline Funnel offers infinite combinations of colors and styles for a unique look.

Multiple countdowns on the same page
You can add multiple timers on one page as easy as adding a picture. No complicated scripts needed.

Your countdowns are mobile-responsive
With people viewing websites on mobile devices more than they do on desktops, it’s a relief to know that your timers would look just as beautiful on smartphones as they do on a computer screen.

Who is Deadline Funnel for?

If you already have an amazing offer that people are already buying, but need a little help to get that extra boost in conversion, Deadline Funnel is for you. It’s a great addition to inject urgency into your marketing strategy.

If (like us) you want to automate and regulate the intake of new members for your membership program to ensure the successful onboarding of new members, Deadline Funnel is for you. Our new member intakes happen all by themselves now leaving us to focus on the customers instead of the tech.

Increase your conversion today with Deadline Funnel

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