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Work Less, Make More

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The SuperFastBusiness podcast covers everything you need to grow your online business, including: team building, business strategy, personal productivity, marketing, traffic and sales.

Guest interviews include experts who reveal what’s working in their business. And actionable advice on how you can perform better in business and life.

Kind Words From My Private Coaching Clients


“James is the best coach in the world…”

“James is the best coach in the world for online business entrepreneurs. His phenomenal ability to transmit knowledge of infrastructure, systems, strategy, marketing, team and business has helped me grow my business from seven to eight figures per year in just a few short years.”


“[Helped] grow our paid community to over 1,000 members”

“James has helped me transition our business from a small, private consulting firm, to a large multi-million dollar information publishing and training business, including helping to grow our paid community to over 1,000 members.”

Inc 500 CEO and founder of The Ask Method


“Gained SO much clarity…”

“James helped me gain SO much clarity. I feel like I can move forward with intention now, instead of reaction. James Schramko just “gets it”… and preaches balance, person fulfillment and values which are so lacking in the marketing space.”

World-Renowned Traffic Expert

Greg Merrilees

“I’m working 20 hours/week less and tripled my profits”

“I went from working 50 hours per week to around 30 hours per week. I spend more time with my family-even though my business is growing rapidly and I have been able to increase my profit by 300% to $450,000/year.”


“Doubled my business and now working less…”

“I’ve doubled my art studio business taking it to over $200,000/year, now have 2 full-time employees, and am not working any more than I did 3 years ago. In fact, I’m working less.”


“Since working with [James] my business has tripled every year for the last three years”

CEO Viewability


“I went from 6-figures a year working 60 hour weeks to having 6 figure months working half that much time.”


“Now I make a lot more and I work a lot less”

“Running my business had me overworked, stressed, and running myself into the ground… Then James showed me a few things that were right under my nose. It worked just like he said and now I make a lot more and I work a lot less.”



I worked just 20 minutes this week and my business still ran like clockwork. I could never have dreamed this was possible a year ago.”


Doubled revenue while working 32 hours less a week

“Went from $25k-$30k a month in recurring rev to over $50k in recurring rev in last 6 months. Also reduced hours from 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to 40 hours a week, and having most of the weekends off. Team is working bette, clients are happier and staying for longer”


“I doubled my business”


Revenue is up 93% [compared to last year]!”


“Easily made us half a million dollars…”

“The win I can point to by working with James is he gave us some amazing advice about the pricing structure of our subscription service that easily made us half a million dollars.”


“Tripled revenue since [working with James]”


“Doubled our profit each year…”

“[We achieved] 20% annual growth in revenue for the past 8 years, and double our profit each year for the past 2 years. “