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Here’s the other one, I get this all the time, this is the most common thing — my goal is $10 million per year. I don’t know where this came from. It was me, too. And when I spoke at Ed Dale‘s event about nine years ago, this was my goal. I never reached 10 […]]]> 0
How to Repurpose Video Content Wed, 17 Jul 2019 08:09:08 +0000
James Schramko here. Today, I want to share with you what you can do if you have a video piece of content, how to get the word out. Recently, a client of mine made a great presentation for his target audience. And then he asked me what he can do with that video. Well, of […]]]> 0
664 – How To Choose The Right Market Using The Five Market Must Haves With Ryan Levesque Wed, 17 Jul 2019 02:55:56 +0000
The right business moves only count if you’re in the right market. Discover the five factors of a good market in this episode of SuperFastBusiness.]]> 0 The right business moves only count if you’re in the right market. Discover the five factors of a good market in this episode of SuperFastBusiness. Ryan Levesque

In this episode:

01:45 – Moving on from the launch model
03:27 – More time for the kids
05:04 – About the new book
09:40 – What makes a good market?
10:57 – The Scrabble tile jewelry venture
12:59 – Going for evergreen
15:03 – Why education and expertise are good bets
18:52 – The enthusiast versus problem solution market
20:14 – We’ve got to solve this NOW
24:00 – Where a solution leads to other problems
25:00 – Where are the players with money?
30:59 – Next test: market size
33:09 – The In/Up/Max concept
39:35 – A brief book review

Learn the right moves for the right market with help from James

Download The 5 Must Haves Of A Good Market (and the PDF transcription)


James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to This is Episode 664. Chatting with a repeat guest, Ryan Levesque. Welcome.

Ryan: It's awesome to be here. I'm actually so disappointed I couldn't be guest number 666. Then we could make that the kind of twisted double episode here.

James: You know, most people express relief that they're not Episode 666. So that's a counterintuitive position to take. I'm not sure how to handle that. Maybe I'll be like those elevators in some countries. In Asia, they don't have elevator on level four or something like that.

Ryan: Yeah, no level four, no level 14. And funny, it's China, because they adopt the western and eastern superstition, so there's no level four, there's no level 13, there's no level 14. So you're like, on the 15th floor, and you feel like you could just step off the balcony onto the ground.

James: It'd be great for realtors, they're probably selling a penthouse at a premium. It's not quite as tall as they thought. Reminds me of that John Malkovich movie, I think it was Becoming Malkovich, and there was like, a floor in the middle of everything. That's funny.

Ryan: That's funny. Well, 664, here we are, it's great to be back. Man, I always love talking to you. It's awesome. Awesome. And to be back, I'm really grateful.

Moving on from the launch model

James: I do keep an eye on you from afar, and I was most pleased to see you have made recurring revenue the center of your universe. And you've gone off the chase, the move, the instability of the launch-event-based model, and I must say, you took your time about it, buddy.

Ryan: You know, it's challenging. The launch model is very alluring, right? And you get these, you know, very big revenue hits, which are incredibly addictive, because they can propel a lot of growth in your business. But they do come at a cost. They come at the cost of the instability of the event-based model. And I think there's a place for it in business. That said, I think for us the stability of the recurring revenue model is something that we've made a focus strategically in our business to shift more and more of our income there over the coming years. So yes, your words did not fall on deaf ears, my friend,]]>
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