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Value contrast as a sales tool, lessons from a business journey, the power of empathy and more - it's all in the most recent episodes of SuperFastBusiness.]]> 0
651 – Empathy, The Illusive Success Trait – With John Carlton Wed, 22 May 2019 10:39:54 +0000
Copywriter extraordinaire John Carlton talks with James Schramko about empathy and why it's important in business and marketing.]]> 0 Copywriter extraordinaire John Carlton talks with James Schramko about empathy and why it's important in business and marketing.
In the episode:

02:05 - A fond look back
04:40 - Why read biographies?
06:55 - Recording for posterity
08:30 - Lessons from elders
10:53 - When you have to text first
11:49 - Where all the bullsh*t subsides
13:24 - The hungry young punk
16:12 - What the old geezers have to offer
19:36 - Where lack of empathy shows
20:32 - John and the receptionist
23:47 - What trauma are they in?
25:16 - Empathy in sales
27:45 - It’s the tough guys…
31:19 - That’s just so wrong
33:49 - Why people fall for stuff
38:00 - Hanging with the old guys
40:09 - The thorn out of the paw
42:55 - What empathy does for marketers
51:49 - A new book in the works
57:33 - Podcasts and cooking

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James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to This is Episode 651. And we're going to be talking about empathy today. And gee, I don’t know if I know anyone more empathetic than John Carlton, welcome to the call.

John: Always, always happy to talk to you, Schrak. Just before you hit record, we were reminiscing about how far back we go. And, you know, what an astonishing ride it's been, and how our careers have kind of mimicked the growth of the web as a marketing vehicle. I'm not sure anybody is taking note, but we are historical figures, you know, still living in the era as it's changing. I mean, it's going to continue to evolve. You're the big prognosticator, you know, you figure out what's going to happen around the bend, and prepare for it and prepare your clients for it. I kind of just went on the ride, like, Wow, this looks like a good ride. Let's hop in and see what happens.

And so there's two different methods of doing it. Both are fun, and it's just been a wild ride. It's stunning that you've done so many podcasts, and that we've just come so far, and done so much. And the thing that us old dogs tend to do is get kind of blase about it and forget about all the stories that we have. But it's not until I'm sitting in a bar at an event with one of the other old dogs and we start remembering what happened in 2002, 2003, you know, which was just a different world back then. It’s just stunning. So anyway, always, always happy to talk to you. Always, always fun.

A fond look back

James: Well, it's because you are kind to me in the very first episode that I kept going, you know? If you had broken my nose in June 2009, when we sat down in that hotel room in Melbourne with the dictaphone and I recorded my first podcast episode - Episode Number one, June 2009, with John Carlton, and then...

John: Do you remember that device you used?

James: It was it was this little silver…

John: Square box. Yeah.

James: Yeah, like old school journalist. I spent about five or $600 to buy that device to interview a PPC marketer. I wanted to extract his secrets.

I recall listening to early experts, whether it was Brad Sugars,]]>
James Schramko clean 1:00:05 James Schramko, John Carlton, interview, empathy, empathy in sales, empathy in business, read biographies, back room, lack of empathy, showing empathy
650 – Social Media Course Case Study With Stevie Dillon Fri, 17 May 2019 08:56:32 +0000
Social media specialist and course creator Stevie Dillon tells about her methods, her tech, and industry news in this episode of SuperFastBusiness.]]> 0 Social media specialist and course creator Stevie Dillon tells about her methods, her tech, and industry news in this episode of SuperFastBusiness.
Podcast highlights:

01:36 - From legal worker to course maker
04:39 - At a crossroads
07:03 - Bundling it all into a course
08:57 - The all-in-one course solution
13:01 - A biased question
17:19 - When people come to Stevie
22:24 - Post-launch optimization
23:59 - How a podcast proved life-changing
26:57 - Other work beside the course
28:05 - Some low-hanging fruit
31:02 - What works on a dry platform
33:15 - Where Facebook is at now
38:31 - What about Pinterest?

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James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to This is Episode 650. There will be a full transcription available. Today, we're talking about social media. We're going to have a look at a framework that you can use to get better results from your social media. We're also, I think, going to talk a little bit about what it takes to put together a course, because I’ve brought along a special guest, Stevie Dillon, and she has a website called And she put together a bootcamp for people who want to understand social media. So I'm going to talk about social media, putting together a course, the platform she uses. Stevie is also a member of SuperFastBusiness membership, so I've had a good behind-the-scenes look at the lead-up to this. So I think there's a great story here.

Welcome to this episode, Stevie.

Stevie: Hi, James, thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here.

From legal worker to course maker

James: I love having discussions with SuperFastBusiness members. The most popular episodes on SuperFastBusiness - and there's been a lot now, I mean, this is Episode 650 - are the case-study-style episodes where we're talking to real people about real results, about actual things that happened. And there's a lot of podcasts out there that focus on getting the most famous people, whether it's the president of the United States or, you know, tick the box for any number of billionaires or startup successes. But I think the real stories are people in the trenches doing the job, getting stuff done, getting results that are within reach and within the grasp of regular ordinary folk. And that's why I really like what you've done, you've actually taken an expertise, bottled it up, packaged it into an easily-consumable course, and you've been helping people. And of course, you've got a reward for that, too. So why don't you just give us a little bit of background about Stevie Says Social? Like, what was the genesis of how you got to being a course publisher, and let's see where we go.

Stevie: Yeah it's actually so interesting. I can't even remember who said it, but who said that quote that was, “You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back,”? Something like that.

James: Steve Jobs, it was.

Stevie: Yeah, yeah. But I actually started out life, so before I even started in marketing and doing social media, as a solicitor. And before that, had always wanted to be a teacher and a journalist,]]>
James Schramko clean 42:31 social media course, course creation, course platform, course creation software, 10XPRO, interview, Stevie Dillon, Stevie Says Social, James Schramko
649 – Lessons From Building A 985,000-Subscriber Facebook Page Wed, 15 May 2019 08:49:02 +0000
How do you grow a Facebook page to nearly one million followers? James Brinkerhoff shares his methods. ]]> 0 How do you grow a Facebook page to nearly one million followers? James Brinkerhoff shares his methods.
Episode highlights:

01:24 - It starts with passion
03:41 - How it was done
04:59 - Can it work for boring fields?
06:20 - The trust factor
09:21 - How much time does it take?
10:59 - A look at the numbers
12:56 - What setbacks were there?
15:26 - The personal touch and being the boss
17:35 - Handling the criticism
18:20 - The impact of FB Live
20:07 - More helpful tactics
22:19 - Why not a group?
24:43 - What James should have asked

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James S.: James Schramko here. Welcome back to This is Episode 649. We're going to be talking about building a huge Facebook page following. For that, I've brought on a guest, James Brinkerhoff. Welcome.

James B.: Hey, James. It’s really nice to be here.

James S.: Yes, we haven't been in touch for many, many years. Gosh, I don’t know how long it is now. It's probably six years, when we met, and you've recently popped up in my world. You're a member of SuperFastBusiness membership. And you were just casually introducing yourself to the other members and talking about your somewhat epic results with building out a Facebook page. And I said to you, it really be good to share this information if you're up to it, because you had built a community of over a million followers. And you said, Yeah, absolutely. And here we are. So that's what we're going to be talking about today.

So why don't we start off by telling us just a little bit about this Facebook community you've built?

It starts with passion

James B.: Sure, well, I think it really starts, James, with getting behind something that you're passionate about, right? When you're going to build something to this caliber, to this many numbers, it's got to be something that you that you're really interested in and you're going to stick with. I'm constantly looking at the numbers and how people are reacting to the stuff that we're posting. So I think that's where it really starts, is kind of getting in touch with that passion, but also, you know, looking at the marketplace that you're trying to serve, and really understanding where your customers are at, and what their passions are.

"Where are your customers and what are their passions?"CLICK TO TWEET

And when I went out to build this, I ended up bringing on a mentor. But I had tried for a few years do some direct response stuff. And I had, you know, some little successes, but it seemed like I was always going out to chase that next promotion. And I had a mentor of mine pull me aside and say, you know, look at what I'm doing over here. And he's really building up these big communities around a passionate subject, what he calls an irrational passion.

James S.: An irrational passion. Yeah, so that’s, like, golfers?

James B.: Like golfers, yoga, video games. You know,]]>
James Schramko clean 27:33 one million subscribers, Facebook page, one million followers, Facebook Live, personal touch, interview, James Brinkerhoff, James Schramko, Facebook community, chatbot subscription, Facebook page promotion
648 – Lessons From FreshBooks’ Co-Founder Mike McDerment Fri, 10 May 2019 06:05:46 +0000
How did Mike McDermont become co-founder of Freshbooks? The story makes for an interesting listen.]]> 0 How did Mike McDermont become co-founder of Freshbooks? The story makes for an interesting listen. <strong>In the podcast:</strong><br /> <br /> 00:52 – The snail mail service<br /> 03:06 – Solving others’ problems by solving one’s own<br /> 04:22 – How to reduce churn<br /> 05:50 – Delivering targeted messaging<br /> 07:47 – When you communicate too much<br /> 09:03 – Small team, big team<br /> 11:33 – A rule of disclosure<br /> 14:12 – Casting a longer shadow<br /> 14:53 – The benefits of “keeping secrets”<br /> 17:01 – On the topic of fundraising<br /> 20:56 – The length of a cycle<br /> 22:19 – If you’re going to take someone’s money…<br /> 24:42 – Mike’s favorite tool<br /> <br /> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Keep your business solutions up to date with help from James</a><br /> <br /> <a title="Download PDF" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"> Download the PDF transcription</a> James Schramko clean 27:18 FreshBooks, accounting software, Mike McDerment, James Schramko, interview, customer retention, reduce churn, team management, disclosure rule, keep secret, fundraising, over communicate
647 – How To Use Value Contrast To Sell Your Membership – The Membership Series Fri, 03 May 2019 04:26:57 +0000
Sell your paid community with a well-tested angle you may not have considered.]]> 0 Sell your paid community with a well-tested angle you may not have considered.
In the podcast:

01:22 - An old but effective technique
02:27 - Not just content
04:24 - The essential tech stack
06:11 - Using the law of contrast
08:37 - Some successful examples
10:42 - The method in a nutshell
11:46 - All about the shortcuts
13:57 - Have less, not more
16:35 - It isn’t simple, but it can be

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James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to This is Episode 647. We're going to be talking about a special technique that you can use to sell memberships. And for that, I’ve brought back my Membership Series guest, John Lint. Welcome.

John: Hey, everybody. Hi, how are you?

James: So we've been talking about all sorts of topics, which is very exciting. Last time, we talked about browser notifications, of all things. And in this Membership Series, we're just covering every possible angle of memberships to excite our listener about the idea of a membership. I've got 10 years in the trenches, running my own membership, and certainly have coached many, many, many, many, many, many, many other membership site owners. I've been through lots of other courses, I've read all sorts of books on subscriptions, I'm interested in the topic. And you, of course, built potentially the world's greatest software for memberships and courses, So we've got lots of data that we can look through and find interesting topics.

An old but effective technique

Today, you were telling me about a campaign that you had run in the past that was particularly effective, and I thought it'd be great to share that. So why don't you tell us a bit about the campaign that you were running when you ran this campaign, and let's discuss how it worked, and what things could be emulated for someone trying to achieve a similar result.

John: Yeah, I think, you know, one of the main ingredients was just stacking on the value. Like, if we are going to summarize, the whole thing is just that. It's really stacking on a ton of value during the traditional close. You know, people talk about the close or the sale sequence or the deadline sequence. Well, it was really just about highlighting all the new stuff that they get. You know, you get this, and then the next day, you get that. It was really on the stacking up.]]>
James Schramko clean 18:27 value contrast, value delivery, product value, 10XPRO, James Schramko, interview, John Lint, tech stack, paid membership, tech stack
Weekly Digest May 2 2019 Thu, 02 May 2019 02:45:51 +0000
How to retain members, when NOT to use a waiting list, why your campaign might not be converting, and much more - it's all in our latest posts on SuperFastBusiness]]> 0
646 – How To Use Browser Notifications To Sell More Info Products – The Membership Series Thu, 25 Apr 2019 06:30:13 +0000
Discover what push notifications can do for your paid membership or online course.]]> 0 Discover what push notifications can do for your paid membership or online course.
In the episode:

01:46 – Making sure they consume
02:32 – Why push notifications are cool
04:48 – It’s all built in
05:39 – The possibilities
08:14 – The financial aspect
09:03 – An all-in-one solution
12:36 – Reminding members what’s there
15:28 – Is that really your job?
16:45 – Something to look forward to
18:18 – A point of focus

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James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to And this is Episode 646. I'm chatting with my good friend John Lint from Welcome back.

John: Hello, everybody. Hi.

James: Our Membership Series is gaining a lot of traction of people talking about it. They're certainly giving 10XPRO a test drive, which is great, John, and they're getting great results, which is even better. I'm having an interview soon, with a member who's also a member of SuperFastBusiness. And she's been doing tremendously well with her course. So that'll be pretty exciting to talk about.

We've covered a lot of ground so far. And the previous episodes, which are everything from validating your membership idea through to retention, attraction, behind-the-scenes,]]>
James Schramko clean 21:04 push notifications, browser notifications, infoproducts, interview, paid memberships, subscription business, James Schramko, John Lint, 10XPRO, course creation software
How To Get Buy-In From Staff Thu, 25 Apr 2019 03:09:53 +0000
When you have your team's buy-in, instead of working a job, your team is on a mission to achieve your business goals. ]]> 0
When Your New Advertising Campaign Does Not Convert Thu, 25 Apr 2019 00:49:29 +0000
How soon should you be expecting ROI from your ad campaign, and what can you do if it doesn't deliver?]]> 0