Wicked Reports Review, Finally You Can Discover Where Your Sales Are Coming From…

July 12, 2018
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Wicked Reports

Do you know, really know, what brings in your revenue?

Most sales attribution tools only show you clicks, and only for a specific platform. A customer’s progression from awareness of your product to buying is often far more complex, stretching over days and several online exposures. Is there a software that can take into account that journey, as well as succeeding sales that make up a customer’s lifetime value?

Wicked Reports is that software.

Wicked Reports will tell you how and where a customer first encountered your product PLUS it will trace the series of events that led to that customer finally buying from you, and any additional purchases they made after that. You will also discover how a customer learned about you from Facebook, AND which ad did it, and whether other mediums – email, blog posts, LinkedIn, etc. had a hand in that eventual sale. What’s more, you will know how much a customer is worth over their lifetime with you, and what your ROI is on all of your promotional efforts, allowing you to make smart decisions about your marketing outlay.

How Does It Work?

The script that makes it possible

Key to Wicked Reports’ accurate sales attribution is the Wicked Reports tracking script, a simple JavaScript tag (but much more sophisticated than a pixel) that you basically put everywhere, together with your Google analytics script. It goes on your domain, your subdomains, your checkout and order pages, your optin pages, your landing pages – essentially anywhere you will be sending traffic or directing people from your website.

Once the tracking script is everywhere it should be, you then start using “smart UTM values” in links from your emails, as well as “Wicked IDs” on links from Facebook and other social media.

Wicked has provided a tool for creating your UTM links:

If it all sounds like a lot of upfront work, trust that the effort is worth it. When all the needed script and tags are where they need to be, getting the data that will show exactly where your money comes from and what you need to do more (or less) of is a cinch.

Integrating with your systems

With your scripts in place, it’s time to authorize Wicked Reports to access data from your various systems.

Connecting to Your Contacts Data Solution

In our business we use Ontraport as our CRM. Integration with Wicked Reports takes the following steps:

Select Authorizations under Setup:

Choose to connect Ontraport under Contacts Data:

Click to proceed:

You will be asked to provide an APP ID and API key:

These values come from within Ontraport. Log onto the CRM and choose your account:

Then click on Administration:

Select Integrations:

Click on Ontraport API Instructions and Key Manager:

Under API Keys, click on New API Key:

Name the key:

Select a user with administrator privileges:

Save the key:

You will now have an APP ID and API key to copy and paste into Wicked Reports:

Paste the values and authorize for contact data.

Authorizing for Order Data

In much the same way, you will need to connect your orders solution to Wicked Reports. One of the order tools we use is Stripe:

You will be asked to enter a Stripe live secret API Key.

This is obtained inside Stripe:

Copy the secret key:

Paste and save:

Connecting your Advertising tool(s)

Naturally Wicked Reports will need access to your marketing. One of our major paid ad mediums is Facebook:

Facebook auto-tracking is recommended to make sure all your ads are being tracked.

Proceed using the appropriate user:

Pick your ad account:

Assign, and you’re done.

Ready to get started with Wicked Reports? Click HERE

What Wicked Reports Shows You

Once you’ve set up authorizations, Wicked Reports will start pulling in information, and depending on how much data you have, it might take a couple of hours or a day, but you will receive an email once it’s done. From your CRM, they will pull in all the historical order and contact data, while from Facebook, Google Analytics, etc., they will pull in info from the time of authorization.

For starters, under Mission Control, you’ll get an overview of your numbers from the various traffic sources, and of your overall numbers.

Under the Sales and Leads tab, you’ll get a look at generic sales, your number of unique customers, total sales for the month, sales metrics, revenue, average order size, lead growth for each month in the selected timeframe, how many new contacts you have, and what the total contact list size is.

You’ll find also customer frequency, how many people seem to order more than once…

Perhaps one of the most useful features is the Predictive Behaviors tab.

Under Predictive Behaviors, Buying Day will show you the peaks and troughs of your sales during a typical week, letting you schedule your marketing for the days when people buy most, and save your energies on the days that are not as profitable.

Wicked Reports can go even deeper and show you, according to customers’ timezones, at what time of the day people typically buy.

Sales velocity shows you how long the average person takes from the time they join your list to when they make their first purchase, and how much that first purchase is worth. When enough info has been gathered, you can even filter it to show how long it takes people from the time they opt in from Facebook/Google AdWords/unpaid social media till the time they buy.

These are just overview samples of what can be done with Wicked Reports. The software can get granular, narrowing down on revenue and costs per marketing element, down to single ads and emails. In our case, the software showed which of our emails was the highest converting, and revealed a major source of sales we had not even been aware of.

Wicked Reports can also follow the lead-to-buyer history of a customer, identifying key points in their journey – where they heard of you, what made them become a lead, what calls to action engaged them, and what finally turned them into a customer.

The specific capability that does this is their new Visual Customer Journey Reporting, featured in the video below:

Want to know where your best customers come from? Wicked Reports can show you that, too.

Just added is another powerful feature, benchmark reporting, which allows Wicked to bank on a wealth of performance history to help you assess how your current marketing efforts are faring. Check out the following video for details:

What platforms does it work with?

Integrations with email and marketing automation

Wicked’s patent-pending People-Based Tracking doesn’t track pixels. It shows you the actual lead from your CRM, everything they’ve clicked on, and how much those clicks are worth in revenue. To date, Wicked Reports integrates with:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip
  • Clickfunnels
  • Ontraport
  • Infusionsoft
  • Klaviyo
  • MailDelivered
  • CallRail
  • LimeLight
  • API

Advertising and analytics platform integrations

Wicked Reports matches your ad data with your CRM and ecommerce data with their patent-pending algorithm, accurately attributing clicks to specific points in the buyer’s journey. It integrates seamlessly with:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google AdWords

However, Wicked Reports can track even marketing and advertising not listed here.

Integrations with ecommerce and payment

Wicked matches orders and revenue to leads in your CRM and attributes them to appropriate points in the customer journey, showing where they first heard of your business, how they became a lead, and what made them decide to finally buy. Wicked Reports has integrations with:

  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Infusionsoft
  • Ontraport
  • WooCommerce
  • Digital Product Delivery
  • LimeLight
  • API

If your solution is not listed, let the Wicked team know. They may be able to create an integration in the future. In the meantime, you can still use Wicked Reports. In addition to their 1-click integrations, Wicked have a Zapier integration, HTTP Post, and a flexible API.


Pricing for Wicked Reports is based on your company’s annual revenue, starting at $199 per month for businesses making $0 to $1 million a year. This accommodates up to 100,000 contacts and includes 30 days of free data consulting. The annual plan for the same revenue bracket is $2,189 per year, including price protection for 12 months, one month free, and 30 days of free data consulting.

Thoughts from Wicked Reports users:

“One of the main reasons we switched from 1ShoppingCart to Infusionsoft is because of Wicked Reports! I highly recommend them.”
– Ryan Levesque, the ASK Method

“Wicked Reports has allowed us to increase our conversion rates, lower acquisition cost and virtually double the ROI of our online marketing efforts.”
– Mark Murrell, CEO of GetMaineLobster

“My team invests millions of dollars on marketing, and one of the main reasons we have the confidence to invest that kind of money is because we trust our data. Thanks to Wicked Reports, we can track revenue to specific ads, audiences, campaigns and emails. If you’re tired of not knowing what’s working with your marketing, try Wicked Reports. You’ll be glad you did!”
– Ryan Deiss, Founder and CEO of Digital Marketer:

“Game changer.

Since we started using Wicked Reports, we’ve gotten much deeper insight into how our many marketing campaigns are performing, all the way down to ROI on each campaign and ad. It’s saved us both time and money, and we’re happy to recommend them and their team to anyone that’s spending money on advertising.”
– Landon Ray, Founder and CEO, Ontraport

“Wicked Reports has given us huge clarity on the performance of our ads, specifically Facebook. Before Wicked, it was a nightmare trying to find out how much Facebook revenue came from new customers vs. pre-existing customers. Now we can easily see this information in Wicked. PLUS Wicked has also massively improved our lead source tracking. What used to be a headache is now very simple to find out. We love Wicked Reports!”
– Perry Marshall, Author and CEO, Perry S. Marshall & Associates

“Since we started using Wicked Reports, I have discovered that a lot of campaigns I thought were losing money, based on the old model of “did that link click result in a sale”, were actually making me 500%+ ROI over a 15 – 45 day period! It’s made me think about the lifetime value of a customer a lot more within my business I would recommend Wicked Reports to any small business owner who is spending money on marketing and wants to know what’s working and what’s not.”
– Nick Fosberg, President, Bar Restaurant Success

Wicked Reports is for you if:

  • You’re bringing in sales but are unsure of where they come from.
  • You’re spending on marketing but don’t know if it’s working.
  • You want to optimize your sales efforts yet lack the data to know how.
  • You’re not sure which of your ad campaigns are worth focusing on, and which to let go of.
  • You want to know how long you should keep up an advertising strategy before prospects respond.
  • You want to know which ad/email/blog post, etc. influenced prospects at key points in their customer journey.


Ready to get the most out of your marketing? Sign up today for Wicked Reports.

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