Why We Switched To Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting And Why We Recommend It For Your Growing Business

May 29, 2018
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In May 2018 after many great years with another hosting company we switched our websites across to Cloudways. Our old dedicated server provider was good, however, Cloudways is really GREAT.


  • Speed – you will get MUCH faster speeds using the caching features Cloudways has
  • Price – pay for what you need and scale as you grow (versus having a dedicated server sized bill. We dropped from $525 per month to $255 PM )
  • Quality – All the gear on Cloudways is top notch
  • Service – Whilst other providers claim to be heroic, Cloudways is NEXT level responsive!
  • Reputation – Several members of our SuperFastBusiness membership (some of them are highly tech savvy) were raving about Cloudways.


Whether you manage your web apps yourself or rely on a webmaster, anything that will make the task easier is something to be appreciated. Cloudways offers ease of use and helpful features that are sure to make web app creation and management a cinch.

There was a time when you had to be involved in all background aspects of your web app, and the various applications that handled them – security, structure, performance optimization, system administration, server configuration. With Cloudways it’s you interacting with a single platform, producing the live website you’ve envisioned.

Start Quickly

Just one of the beauties of Cloudways is that it’s easy to set up a server from scratch.
Even without a lot of technical knowledge, you can set up a server simply by choosing one from a list with some basic specs.

If you are starting a WordPress website from scratch, all you have to do is state which server you want (in case you have many servers), choose a name for your WordPress website (so that you can tell it apart from other sites in your account) and specify which project folder it belongs to. It takes approximately three minutes to have WordPress installed (theme installations and customization not included).

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Easy To Manage

If you change your mind about your chosen server, you can easily delete that server and start over on another one. You can also easily migrate all the contents of your current server to another server that’s also on Cloudways.

The interface (although confusing at first for people who are used to using WHM and Cpanels) is very simplified. Many options that you see within WHM, that you really don’t need, aren’t there. There is no clutter.

Projects are simply folders of sites, letting you group together similar types of websites, e.g., websites with inboxes.

Migrating a WordPress website from your current host to Cloudways is also much easier than other migration plugins. All you have to do is install the migration plugin, input the access details, and wait for it to finish. When it’s done, you’ll see the copied site in staging mode, thus allowing you to inspect it before you switch the DNS to Cloudways.

Made To Scale

Cloudways makes it easy to upgrade your server specs. All you have to do is use a slider. Move it to the right, and voila, you’ve upgraded your server to the next available plan.

It is also easy to downgrade your server. It just involves an extra step: cloning your current server into the downgraded one, which is just about the same as migrating to another server.

How It Works

Launching a new server

Even for the non-techy, launching a new server in Cloudways is super easy.

Click the Launch button.

A screenshot of the launch server button on cloudways dashboard.

Select your desired application, i.e., WordPress.

A screenshot of the server apps you can choose from

Name your application and server, then select your project. This will help you organize your servers and apps smartly.

A screenshot where you can name your application and server.

Select your cloud provider.

A screenshot where you can select your cloud provider.

Select your server size…

A screenshot where you can toggle the server size on the fly.

…and your server location.

A screenshot where you can choose your location.

Then click the Launch button.

A screenshot of the launch server button.

In a few minutes, your server will be ready.

A screenshot on what it looks like when its currently adding your server.
a screenshot on what it looks like when adding your server is complete.

Migrating your WordPress site to Cloudways

Cloudways employs an easy-to-use plugin to facilitate transfer of sites.

Simply search in WordPress for the plugin…

A screenshot describing how to search for a plugin in wordpress

Install and activate it.

A screenshot describing what it looks like wen you find the plugin and install it.
A screenshot of an option in wordpress to activate you cloudways wordpress migration plugin

Enter details from the Cloudways console.

Click the migrate button and your migration will start.

Once the migration is complete, go to the Cloudways console and click the Application console to check if you have successfully migrated your website.

Server management

Complete server control is yours with Cloudways.

To access your server management settings, click on your server.

Under Master Credentials you can view the credential details for SSH and SFTP access.

Monitoring lets you view performance graphs on the various aspects of your server.

Just one of these aspects is the free memory of your server.

Under the Manage Services tab, you can reboot the essential elements of Thunderstack, touted by Cloudways as the fastest hosting stack ever.

You can, for example, reboot Apache in just a few seconds with a click.

The Settings and Packages tab allows you to alter basic and advanced server settings.

You might, for instance, want to deploy HTTP/2 on your WordPress website. You need simply to enable it in Advanced settings and revisit your website for confirmation.

Need to increase server resources for an expected rush of visitors? Easily done via the Vertical Scaling tab.

Application management

Managing your apps is just as easy as managing your server.

Under Domain Management, for example, you can map a domain to your WordPress site in seconds.

SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt are free with Cloudways and can be enabled via the SSL Certificate tab.

Deployment via Git is also simple.

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Other Features:

Team Management

Cloudways lets you easily add members to your team and give them as much or as little access to the system as you desire.

Server Cloning

Testing a new plugin and don’t want the risk of your website going down? Cloudways lets you create as many test environments as you need by cloning your server.

Simply click the floating Clone Server button in the lower right,

choose your server and server size,

and click Start Clone.

When cloning is done, you now have a cloned server with which to test your plugin to your heart’s content.

Real-time Performance Insights

CloudwaysBot is your smart assistant that gives you real-time performance and security insights for your website.

Forget to install an update? CloudwaysBot will remind you. Remove something you shouldn’t have? CloudwaysBot will fix it.

Moreover, CloudwaysBot can notify you of your app’s and server’s performance via your favorite channel, be it Slack, HipChat, email or one of many others.

Adding a channel is as easy as a few clicks.

Choose your channel,

name it,

and select the events you would like to be notified of.

Click Save and Test Channel, and you’re done.

If the above don’t make you the least bit curious to try Cloudways, consider the following:

Cloudways partners with you in success, providing:

  • Reliable and hassle-free service that lets you focus more on your business and less on technical details.
  • Speed and convenience, a pay-as-you-go arrangement, and the freedom to choose the combination of elements that works best for you.
  • 24/7 expert support that never leaves you in the lurch.

Cloudways hosting is built for performance, featuring:

  • A dedicated hosting environment
  • SSD-powered hosting
  • PHP 7 ready servers
  • Built-in advance caches
  • Pre-configured PHP-FPM
  • HTTP/2 supported servers
  • Free Magento full page cache

And comes with 24/7 managed security:

  • Dedicated firewall
  • Automated backups
  • 1-click free SSL installation
  • Regular security patching
  • Auto-healing servers
  • Two-factor authentication
  • IP Whitelisting

The platform is built for all manner of businesses:

  • Ecommerce
  • Digital agencies
  • Developers
  • Startups
  • Designers
  • Bloggers

Furthermore, Cloudways offers:

  • Smooth workflow and team collaboration
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your servers and apps
  • Server management the way YOU want it
  • An easy-to-use UI that puts control in your hands
  • Many cloud conveniences through addons and web services

Plans And Pricing

All Cloudways plans come with 24/7 support, let you pay as you go (pay only for the resources you consume), give you your first migration free, and let you build unlimited applications. Monthly and hourly cloud hosting plans depend on the cloud provider and the specs you choose.

Thoughts from Cloudways users:

“When it comes to servers, we feel extremely confident on hosting our clients’ stores. Not only this, but we also feel our partnership with Cloudways is from one specialist to another who both have a deep understanding of Magento and Ecommerce.” – Mike Barnett, Director Media Lounge

“Thanks Cloudways team for being “always online”, responsive to my queries, and for providing such an awesome, fast and reliable service. Guys at Cloudways are fantastic!” – Liam Austin, Founder Small Today

“We gave Cloudways a try and we saw our client sites have page load time decreased from an average of 5.4 seconds to just over 1 second.” – Jeff Weese, Founder Joslex Studios

“Absolutely LOVE Cloudways!! Massive speed increase, great management system, and a good overall experience. Customer support has been top-notch for the few minor issues I’ve had (mostly just not knowing where to look due to the slight learning curve involved).” – Ben Schwartz

“What drew my attention to Cloudways was that they had a Varnish solution. Setting up a server was a breeze—it was simple and fast. And I have not experienced a website running faster than what I’ve observed here. Looking good for the future.” – Lennart Petersson

“I recreated my ecommerce site using WooCommerce with Cloudways. I was able to kickstart a new site in minutes. The response time on the servers are just great and they have the best 24/7 support team I have ever talked to. If you are looking for a new host, look no more.” – Henrik Samuelsson

Cloudways is worth checking out if:

  • You want hosting that won’t take time and attention away from running your business.
  • You want to manage your hosting but don’t have a lot of technical know-how.
  • You’re looking for cloud hosting that is both user and wallet-friendly.
  • You want an easily customizable and scalable hosting solution.
  • You want fast, reliable, secure, and technologically up-to-date hosting.


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