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August 14, 2018
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How do you help customers to use your product more often?

What if you could get them more engaged with what you have to offer, increase user satisfaction and make people want to stick with your service for, like, forever?

The answer is on your mobile phone, in the icons that, tile-like, adorn your screen.

What your business needs is an app.

If you’ve never considered an app for your business, there are very good reasons why you should.

First, everyone uses them. Anyone who owns a smartphone has apps that they go to on a regular basis. An app makes your product accessible like nothing else, putting it in people’s pockets and literally at their fingertips.

Second, you don’t need a particular kind of business to have an app – apps can be made to suit any product or service.

And third, the benefit you stand to gain in terms of customer engagement and retention far outweigh the cost of having an app made, especially with current advancements in the technology involved.

To get a better idea of how significant app usage is in the current market, let’s take a look at the numbers.

In 2017, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide was 178.1 billion. In most markets studied, the average smartphone user had 80 apps on their phone, 40 of which they used in a given month. Consumer spend on apps, in the meantime, exceeded $86 billion, a growth of over 105 percent since 2015.

How do you go about getting an app?

TheAppMatch is an app creation service that takes you through three distinct steps: consultation, project management, and launch.

  1. Consultation – This is where the AppMatch team look at your audience and find out more about them. What problems do they have? What interests them? What do they have in common? This info will be used to recommend app concepts that will provide solutions, promote community, create connections, share your message and excite.
  2. Project Management – During the process of production and rollout the team will be in communication with you, walking you through the steps and managing things so that you need only concentrate on doing what you’re good at – providing value to your audience.
  3. Launch – TheAppMatch don’t just make your app, they help you market it as well. As early as the development stages and up until release, they’ll lead you through a proven process that will build excitement and anticipation in your audience, using social media, webinars and more.

We had TheAppMatch create an app for the SuperFastBusiness paid membership, and the result is an attractive interface that makes it super convenient for members to access and use the resources provided by the community.

On iPhone:

Screenshots of the SFB app on the iphone

On iPad:

Screenshots of the SFB app on ipad

User feedback confirms that the app delivers value and is easy to use:

“The app is well thought out, easy to use and lighting fast. I am glad to be able to access all this great content and the forum right from an app.” – nucreature777

“Everything that James Schramko produces is top notch, high quality, and absolutely 100% relevant and up-to-date! Highly recommend this app!

You can listen to his podcast in sequence on the app, and use the app to access his business development forums as well as all his blog content. It makes everything really convenient, all in one place, with one click.” – Jazztothebone

How much does an app cost?

At time of review, TheAppMatch’s services currently cost $3698, plus $199 per month. For this, you get:

  • Brainstorm Outlining App Options for your Audience
  • Project Management from idea to launch
  • Screenshots and Marketing Images & Artwork for your App
  • Full App Store Submission
  • Launch Plan for successful rollout within your audience
  • Basic Reports & Analytics
  • App updates, bug fixes & suggestions (while monthly subscription remains current)
  • App Strategy Newsletter

Thoughts from users:

“Adding the SuperFastBusiness App to my business brought 30% more traffic to my community and engaged 20% more members instantly. I ordered my second App straight away for SilverCircle!”

– James Schramko,,

“Working with Jarrod & his team to create the Get Merry app was amazing. We had a large existing audience and wanted to bring something to life that would suit them and make consuming our content really easy.”

– Emma & Carla Papas, The Merrymaker Sisters

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