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March 6, 2018
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You’ve just created an awesome podcast episode. You’ve planned it, you’ve recorded it, you’ve edited it to within an inch of its life. You’ve published it on iTunes, you’ve posted it on your blog, you’ve done the task of informing your list. Is there more you can do? That piece of audio is such great value, and you’ve put your best effort into it – surely you can take it further.

How about a video on YouTube or Facebook? Or an audio on SoundCloud? extends your content to other platforms with a minimum of extra effort on your part. Transforming your podcast audio into video on YouTube or taking your Facebook live video to YT takes a matter of minutes. You can even set the service on autopilot, so that all your future content gets repurposed without you so much as logging in.

In our case, we use to change our audio podcast episodes into videos on YouTube.

How it works

The process from setup to execution is incredibly easy. It starts with putting in your connections.

Setting up Connections

1. Choose your input connection:

2. And your output:

And you’re ready to set up your workflow.

Setting up workflow

The following workflows are supported by

Podcasts can be converted to videos and uploaded to …
Facebook Pages, Groups, or Personal Profile
Google Drive

Podcasts can be uploaded as audios to …
Google Drive

Facebook Live and Facebook Videos can be uploaded as videos to …
Other Facebook Pages, Groups, or Personal Profile
Google Drive

Facebook Live and Facebook Videos can be converted to audios and uploaded to
Google Drive

In our instance, the workflow setup is as follows:

1. Name your workflow.

2. Choose your input.

3. Select what you want to happen…

4. And what output you want.

5. Choose your output playlist/folder.

6. Create your workflow.

And your workflow is ready to be customized.

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Customizing settings

The Settings button lets you do a number of customizations.

Customizable are:

Image Selection:
Image from Podcast Feed (with Waveform)
Choose a Template ( provides several to pick from)
Upload Custom Template (We chose this option, creating a custom template from specifications provided by Repurpose)

Animated waveform color
(The default is white – you can change it to any color you prefer).

Which videos to auto publish:
On This Date and Newer

Call-To-Action Text
(Enter custom text)

Call-To-Action Link
Episode link (from podcast feed)
Custom link

Privacy (for YouTube videos)
Public (Viewable to all, default and recommended)
Private (Visible to anyone who has the link and can be embedded anywhere but cannot be searched in YouTube)
Unlisted (Only viewable to YouTube accounts that you specify in YouTube)

(Enter keywords you would like to appear by default for all episodes)

Repurposing content

A click will show you a list of your podcast episodes:

And you can choose which ones you want to publish.

Repurpose will queue your selection…

And publish it in a manner of minutes.

A look at the published video:

Automate it

The manual setting in Repurpose lets you publish new episodes in a couple of clicks. However, as before mentioned, you can set things up so that you don’t even have to login to the service, and your content will continue to be repurposed as it’s produced.

Simply click to Auto.

If you’ve chosen in settings to auto publish all your episodes, the lot will be queued and published.

And all new episodes from then on will be repurposed automatically, without you needing to lift a finger.


At date of writing, offers a choice of three affordable plans:

Thoughts from users:

“ is one of the best SaaS platforms I have ever used. The ability to turn audio files into YouTube and Facebook videos automatically (as well as back them up to Google Drive and Dropbox) is incredibly powerful. Other advanced features include being able to convert Facebook Live videos into YouTube videos. For a low monthly price you can supercharge your content curation efforts – you’d be crazy not to try!” – Sam Frost, Reviews Boss

“To say I’m excited about would be an understatement.
I have always loved repurposing content, this just gives me a way to automate it and measure which channels give me the best ROI.“
– Kim Doyal, The WordPress Chick

“…we give it A for Cool Factor, and A for ease of use, because it is a set it and forget it software; and A for pricing, totally worth it, because it’s going to give you tons of visibility and save you tons of time. And will I actually use this thing? Another A, because why wouldn’t you use it, if it’s automated? We love automation, and gives you the ability to do that.” – Lou Bortone, video marketing expert

“The TubeBuddy team and I are very excited to talk about the tool… does all of the work for you…The opportunities here are absolutely endless.” – Dusty Porter, TubeBuddy is for you if:

You want more exposure for your audio or video content on a variety of platforms.
You want to repurpose your material with a minimum of time and effort on your part.
You want to get max use out of the content you’ve spent time and energy creating.

Ready for your content to reach new audiences? Head over to today.

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