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April 13, 2018
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Many online entrepreneurs know the quandary of paying for 15 different tools to achieve their business aims, the challenge of learning to use them, and the frustration of software that just don’t “play nice” with each other.

Enter 10XPRO.io. John Lint‘s brainchild sprung from his own company’s business needs, and the ambitious notion, wouldn’t it be nice to have one easy-to-use tool that did everything? 10XPRO.io makes no idle boast – it really does do practically everything an online business could need.

Among the things you can do with Lint’s Swiss army knife of a product are:

Create your product and sell it online:

  • Online courses built with drag n’ drop ease in professional-looking portals
  • Membership sites created in minutes so you can start bringing in recurring income
  • Live streaming pages letting you coach your audience and answer questions in real time
  • Drip-fed content, perfect for automating your business or delivering your stuff to new customers
  • Social walls – a private community right within your course
  • Private coaching increases the value of your offer by letting you help people one-on-one
  • Gamification to increase the retention of your courses by letting you reward your audience

Promote your offer, build an audience and bring in more sales:

  • 1-Click install campaign technology lets you deploy tried and tested marketing templates in a click
  • State of the art page builder creates and customizes optin pages, sales pages, content pages and much more
  • Easy online payment acceptance, set up in minutes and integrating with any payment system you might use
  • Any campaign you want – list building, product launches, quick sales, webinars, segmented offers – you name it!
  • Any emailing, any payment system integration via webhook technology

Activate systems that sell 24/7:

  • Automated countdown timers, unique to each visitor and not needing extra plugins
  • Automated product launch – entire evergreen campaigns set in motion with a click
  • Automated webinars completely built in, no need for extra tools, scripts or systems
  • Behavior tagging at any key point you desire – on purchase, on viewing your offer – whenever!
  • Dynamic redirects send your users to specific pages based on their tagged behavior

Boost your leads and sales with advanced conversion optimizers:

  • Email countdown timers, built in to create urgency and get your users clicking
  • Audience segmentation to make sure you deliver the right message to the right people
  • Viral share campaigns quickly deployed to boost your leads dramatically
  • Optin boxes – build your list faster by placing optins wherever you want
  • 1-Click sign up links for more signups, more registrations and easy segmentation
  • Social notifications with the check of a box, to leverage social proof
  • Affiliate system to bring in that best kind of traffic – the referred kind

How It Works – Setting up a Membership Portal and Courses

One of the things that 10XPRO.io makes easy is the creation of attractive, user-friendly membership portals like the following:

User-friendly membership portals example A

User-friendly membership portals example B

User-friendly membership portals example C

You start by logging into your 10XPRO.io account and clicking on Portal Settings.

A screenshot where you start by logging into your 10XPRO.io account and clicking on Portal Settings.

In the window that appears, customize the features of your portal.

A screenshot of a window where you can customize the features of your portal.

And save your changes.

Proceed to creating your courses.

Click on Create New Course.

A screenshot of the dashboard where the Create a New Course is highlighted

Customize your course settings and save.

A window where you can customize your course settings and save.

Then add your content.

A screenshot showing how to add a content

Simply click Add New Page…

A screenshot showing how to add a new page

Name the page…

A screenshot showing how you can name the new page you created

And choose the type of page you want to add, whether:

  • Regular course page
  • Live event course page
  • Social wall page, or
  • Private chat page

A screenshot showing how to choose the type of page you want to add

Then click to edit the page.

A screenshot showing how you can edit the page.

On the page editing space, you’ll find all you need to customize your course to your heart’s content.

A screenshot of the page editor where you’ll find all you need to customize your course to your heart’s content.

To add an element, simply click on the (+) that appears when you hover over a block.

A menu to add any element you choose will appear at the left.

Adding an image? A block will appear for the picture, with customization options at the left.

Adding a video?

You can use self-hosted media or embed codes from Wistia, Vimeo or YouTube, any platform you choose.

10XPRO.io’s easy-to-use system lets you add as many lessons as you want to your course.

A look at a finished course:

And that is just a glimpse of what can be done with 10XPRO.io.

Ready to try out 10XPRO.io? Click HERE

How it Works – Creating Forums

Just recently added to 10XPRO.io’s repertoire is the forums feature, letting you create an attractive forum for your online community.

Start by clicking Forum Settings.

Fill in the required items and save.

The forum live

A look in your membership portal will show your forum among your courses, but separate from it.

Click on View to enter the forum.

This will take you to the forum home page.

There you can see the forum categories…


and threads.

Building the forum homepage

In the forum homepage builder,

you can easily customize elements in blocks:

As with the course editor, a click on the (+) sign opens up a panel to the left where you can select any element you would like to add to the page.

Adding categories and sections

On the homepage editor, you can see again the categories and sections that were visible earlier.

These can be added to and edited by going to the Admin area,

Clicking Add New Category,

naming your category and saving it.

You can move finished categories around by dragging them,

And you can edit or delete them.

Under categories, you can add forum sections.

And like categories, you can move them around with your mouse,

or edit/delete them.

Adding threads

To add threads, forum users need only go to a forum section on the main page and click New Thread,

give a name and description, add videos/links/images, and save.

The thread will appear in the forum as so:

Under the section, the latest thread appears on top of the rest.

And on the homepage, the latest thread appears as below:

All your style

10XPRO.io offers pre-built templates for ease of use, however everything is customizable to match your brand and style.

  • Customize whatever you want
  • Your brand and domain name
  • Your audience and email list
  • Your own business and revenue (no transaction fees)
  • And much more!

Help when you need it

With a dedicated help team on standby, you never have to worry about getting stuck.

  • Priority concierge support
  • Deep Knowledge Base articles
  • Live Chat support for ALL members
  • When you really can’t do it yourself, the team can even do it for you!

Thoughts from 10XPRO.io users:

“I love how simple this is to use and the team is awesome. After years of struggling with a bunch of different tools I can finally just focus on what I need to do without getting bogged down with tech. It’s what I’ve been looking for years!” – Jeremy Weiss

“I’ve tested a lot platforms over the years but 10XPRO.io is the ONLY ONE that allows me to finally just focus on generating leads and sales without getting bogged down trying to stitch together multiple systems.” – Jason Rogan

“LOVE LOVE LOVE what the team has done with 10XPRO.io. I have quickly & easily set up multiple automated campaigns. We now have multiple courses on sale and everything is running on autopilot. Simply Amazing! “ – Robin Nolan

Consider 10XPRO.io if:

  • You’ve had it with spending large sums on programmers and developers.
  • You’re done paying for numerous tools and plugins.
  • You don’t want to spend any more time figuring out how things work.
  • You’ve had enough of tech-related headaches.

10XPRO.io is currently available on a 30-day trial basis. Get your private invite now and secure a lifetime discount.

Watch this video about platforms

10XPro founder John Lint with James Schramko

Ready to test drive the only online business tool you need? Click HERE.

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