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December 7, 2017
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Within the first few moments of a purchase, you have the chance to make a lasting impression on your customer, a gesture that will influence whether they stick with your service or make a repeat buy. You want them to feel special, and very often these days the run-of-the-mill, automated thank-you email just doesn’t cut it.

Enter Bonjoro

In a world of online automation, business interactions can lack a personal touch. Now what could be more personal than a recorded video, made for and addressed specifically to you? Good business is about relationships. People buy from people they know and like. How can you not like someone who takes the time and effort to make you, individually, a video? And video imparts an immediacy and engagement factor far above email.

You could very well just record a video and attach it to an email. This can, however, be a long and rather involved process. What Bonjoro have done is made the personalized video super easy and scalable, something you can do in a snap from your mobile phone or desktop.

How does it work?

1. It starts with integrating your existing CRM, email marketing or social media tools with Bonjoro. In this phase you will set up triggers that will pull in contacts you want to send a Bonjoro to at a specified time, i.e. upon a new sign-up. You will receive notification when a trigger action is completed, upon receipt of which you can then create a Bonjoro.

2. Via Bonjoro’s desktop or mobile app (available for Apple or Android), you can record your personal video, customize it with a message and branding, and send it straight to your customer’s email inbox. It’s that easy.

Record, customize and send

Straight to the customer’s inbox

Where they watch

3. Get your team involved. No reason you should have all the fun. Bonjoro lets you have accounts for your team, who can then be assigned Bonjoros to create, lightening your workload.

4. How effective are your videos? Track the results with analytics that can send the numbers back to your CRM.


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Integration with a wide range of platforms

Bonjoro integrates with a large number of services. Via Zapier alone, you can connect with over 750 apps, and Bonjoro works directly with the following:

  • Verified Domains
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft (Beta)
  • Intercom
  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Patreon

Direct integration with the following additional services is also in the works:

  • Hubspot
  • Vero
  • Salesforce
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Slack
  • Clearbit
  • FullContact
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Stripe
  • Webhook
  • Shopify
  • Trello

Seamless brand experience

Bonjoro allows a number of customizations to maintain consistency with your brand:

  • Custom color, text, thumbnail and CTA URL
  • Custom background
  • Video player color of your choice

Share the love

Bonjoro viewers can like and share your Bonjoros.

As well as respond.

Let your team in on the action

Bonjoro makes video emailing scalable by letting you share tasks with your team.

The service allows you:

  • An unlimited number of team members, with filmer-only or admin privileges
  • Manual assignment of Bonjoros to team members
  • Custom rules to automatically assign segments
  • Team tracking and results

Comprehensive tracking

Bonjoro lets you evaluate and tweak your approach by tracking:

  • Open and click-through rates
  • Views
  • Likes
  • Weekly, Monthly and all time numbers
  • Team stats


At time of writing, Bonjoro offers three user packages, the most popular being their Grizzly, which charges $25 per user per month. All three feature unlimited Bonjoros and a 14-day free trial, with varying features unlocked depending on your plan.

Thoughts from users:

“We have been using Bonjoro for three months and reduced our overall churn rate by 17 percent.” – Matt from ConvertKit

“We have seen open rates on emails well over the 70 percent range. Anyone would kill for that sort of open rate on emails.” – Alison from Highrise

“We have just so much great feedback from clients saying, ‘What an amazing customer success experience.'” – Alex from Design Pickle

“The biggest benefit is not just the cut through but ultimately it’s giving you a new way to communicate with clients.” – Matt from Announcer

Is Bonjoro for you?

Consider Bonjoro if:

  • You’re looking to add a personal touch to your business communications.
  • You’d like a better response rate to your marketing and onboarding emails.
  • You want an effective and scalable way of engaging your prospects and customers.
  • You aim to provide a customer experience that will set your business apart from most of the market.

Start making a lasting impression on your customers today. Service is free for two weeks from signup.

  • 68