How To Grab Extra Traffic Using SEO On Landing Pages

Why do we advise people to get new landing pages all the time?

In this SEO news update:
00:05 – Why do we recommend a new landing page all the time?
00:27 – Using medium and long-tail phrases
01:17 – The biggest mistake we see

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James Schramko here with an SEO news update.

One Question We Always Get
Sometimes we get asked in our helpdesk: “Why do you advise a new landing page all the time?” Well, it’s simple. You should be adding new content to your site and then you support that content by making sure that other people find it, that it’s syndicating that content out on the Internet, making sure that there’s some links back to it. And once it gets ranked, you’ll start bringing more traffic.

Ranking For Relevant And Specific Search Phrases
If you’re using this for medium and long-tail phrases (that’s three, four, five words), you’ll find that it’s quite easy to get ranked fairly quickly. Plus, those searches are very relevant searches because someone who types in that extra word is very specific.

An example might be “men’s mountain bike + red + Sydney, Australia.” Now, if you happen to sell mountain bikes and you have a lot of red mountain bikes in stock and you want to serve the Sydney market, that will be a great phrase to rank for.

Now, if you need help finding keywords, just ask the team and we’ll be happy to go and have a look for you about the sort of phrases you should be trying to rank for. Then you make a page for just that page or a small group of phrases and use that as your new target.


Focus on medium to long tail phrases

Focus on medium to long tail phrases

Stop Abusing The Homepage!
Probably the biggest mistake we see is people continuously trying to drive traffic to the homepage of the website. But in reality, more than half the traffic coming to a site is probably not even coming to the homepage.

It’s probably coming to your inner pages, your blog posts and the most relevant page for that phrase. And every time you put a new page on your website or a new post, that is a new opportunity for you to go out and grab some of those phrases that other people are missing out on.

So, I hope this was helpful. That’s why we suggest a new landing page destination when we start a new campaign and you should continuously update your landing page targets throughout a campaign to make sure that all of the pages and posts on your website are getting the appropriate syndication and awareness that they deserve.

Well, I’m James Schramko and I’ll speak to you soon.

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  • Martyna

    Hi James

    Thank you for the video. I have a question related to the landing pages.
    Does it make sense (from the seo point of view) to build a landing page on a domain, that then leads to the main site?
    for example, when the main site is about bags (an example), the landing page would be (the links from the landing page to the main site would be nofollow in case of the same server, and dofollow if the ips are different)

    does the landing page need a blog in the background to rank and receive traffic?