James Dyson [Optimizepress] Interview – How To Build A Million Dollar Software Business In Less Than One Year




James Dyson is the creator of Optimizepress WordPress Software. How did he build such a strong software business that the entire Internet Marketing community adapted so quickly?

In this Podcast James Dyson and James Schramko discuss the following Software Business related topics:

  • Why good looking sites are essential for branding and the modern web
  • How to move your mindset from specialist to business owner
  • The best system for getting software developed
  • Leverage concepts you can apply with the knowledge you ALREADY have!
  • Why being a programmer is perhaps a DIS-advantage if you want to make money from software
  • The three main types of software you can choose from
  • Where to hire reasonably priced programmers
  • How to test the market BEFORE creating anything or spending any money
  • Avoiding ‘investors’ and how to partner on software projects if you have no money
  • The essential steps you can take to reduce support strains after launch
  • How big a team you might need to manage a million dollar software business
  • What was the biggest SHOCK in his last year


James Dyson’s famous OptimizePress software with a BONUS Conversions Video can be bought via this BONUS site:

James Dyson is a FastWebFormula3 expert.
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