How To Manage Your Reputation

A good name online is one of your most valuable assets. Take these steps to improve and protect the reputation you have.


In today’s traffic update:

00:13 – Monitor your online reputation
00:48 – Register top social media profiles to your name
01:42 – Protect yourself with positive content
02:17 – You can control your online reputation

Protect your reputation with quality content




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James Schramko here, with a news update about managing your reputation. There’s three tips I want to share with you today that are going to really help you get a better reputation online.
Step 1: Be aware
Tip number one is be aware of what your reputation already is. To do that, you should definitely go and do a Google search for your name and the name of your brands, and see what shows on the first page. Next is you can set some alerts.
You can use Google alerts with your name and your product names, so that Google will email you when there are changes on the Internet relating to your name. This is very important, because if something comes up on your name that you’re not happy about, then you need to be quick to react.

Find out your reputation

Find out your reputation

Step 2: Register
Step two is to make sure that you register all of the profiles that you can for the major sites. Of course we know the obvious ones like YouTube, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn… Once you’ve done that, there’s a whole bunch of other ones you might want to register as well. You can go to a site like, and you can search all of the profiles for your name.
And if you want, you can even register them all for a small fee. That way you can have your name with a popular profile that is going to get you some power and give you the ability to build on that with pictures and content. Because if you go and search for your own name, I’m willing to bet that on the first page there’ll probably be some social profiles.
You might see a Facebook or a Twitter or a LinkedIn already showing for your name. So why not go and register all of the powerful profiles?
Step 3: Create content
Step three is to continue to create positive content that you are in control of. So pick the sites that are on the first page of Google, and power them up more. Once you’ve done that, go to the sites that are appearing on the second page of Google and give them some more beef.
That’s going to give you layers of protection in case someone mentions you in an unfavorable way, or if they want to have a complaint about you or whatever else. Or if you happen to have the same name as a porn star or something, which would be terrible, then at least you can control what’s there for your name.
So there’s the three steps. One, be aware of what is actually already out there. Two, register all of the top social media profiles for your name. And three, continue to put out good quality content on a regular basis on your best properties on the first two pages of Google, and you will maintain your own reputation.
Your reputation is your responsibility. You can control it.
Need help?
Of course if you need help with this, our services can really help you put out some positive content in your own name. One of the things people hire us to do is to get these properties and to put good content on it and to make sure that shows up high in the search results. If you need help with that, ask us at, we can direct you to the appropriate service that we have.
I’m James Schramko. I hope you’ve enjoyed these three reputation tips. I look forward to catching up with you in a news update soon.
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  • Mosh Younis

    Great tips mate!

    • James Schramko


  • Denise Oyston

    Great reminder James ……I sometimes struggle with persuading clients to have a fb profile and you explain the reasons so well :)

    • James Schramko

      Chances are if you don’t take the profile somebody else will and that may not be a good thing in some cases!

  • Carol Amato

    When I see an email from you in my Inbox, I always read it first. When I click play on one of your videos, I always grab a 3×6 card and a pencil to start taking notes because I know it will be relevant, powerful information that I can take action on TODAY.

    I’m never disappointed.

    Thank you ever so much for what you do.

    Carol Amato

    • James Schramko

      Well thank you Carol that is such a high compliment and I truly appreciate that. It drives me to make more videos