How SEO Services Can Help Your Business Website Rank Higher

Find out how professional SEO services can get your website ranking higher.

Topics discussed:

00:15 – The basics of SEO
01:15 – Earning links and promoting your website
02:08 – FREE review from
02:28 – SuperFastBusiness Traffic Services promote websites with good content
02:36 – Linkjuice helps in providing good content
02:50 – Short Video Pack drives traffic with multi-media content
03:21 – Reputation Restoration Pack helps build authority websites

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James Schramko here with an SEO news update.

In this episode we’re going to talk about the basics of SEO and we’re going to compare a few of the different services available so that you can step into the right product for your requirements.

Let’s talk basics of SEO.
I think a lot of people for some reason think that SEO is simply a matter of getting links. Links were certainly a huge, positive and a big advantage but with the changes in Google this year, things like Penguin and Panda, it has really hamstrung a lot of the smaller operations who are just using automated software because what happens now is if you get too many links with all the same anchor text, that will trip the filter and your SEO campaign is gone. It’s more than links.

SEO is about search engine optimization which means optimizing your website so that the search engine rewards it with a good ranking. How do you do that? You start with the foundation. Good content on the site is the starting point. The site structure is the next logical step. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate and useful for people. Once you’ve got those 2 things in place, then you promote the site.

You will promote the site by getting links, certainly, but you need to earn the links and you need to have people link to you naturally. They link to you because your information is good and because it’s a great site. So you’ve got your good content, it’s structured well, you’re getting links. You get links by making it shareable. Put all those sharing icons. Put rich media. Videos, audios, PDFs, text, images, infographics, case studies, all the good stuff and then promote it. Promote it with a press release, promote it on social pages, email your customer base. You can even send paid traffic to it if you like.

Basic SEO

The Basics of SEO

Once people find out about it, it gets momentum, it gets shared and then it will rank. Check your Google Webmaster Tools to see if there are any errors or if there are any problems and to see that all your pages are getting indexed and you should have some good SEO results.

If you’re not sure if your website is suitable for SEO, then please ask my team. Go to and ask us to have a look at your website and we’ll have a quick look at your site and we’ll tell you if it looks okay and we can get started.

Here’s a quick overview of the services we offer and how they’re useful for you.
SuperFastBusiness Traffic Services, our foundation SEO site is fantastic for promoting your site if you’ve already got good content and it’s structured well.

LinkJuice is great if you’ve got a good site but you need content to put on it. We can put blog posts for you. We can give you infographics, and we’ll promote your site with press releases and with video marketing.

Short Video Pack is our new traffic service. If you have videos or audios and you want us to put it on your website and promote it to your social profile, that’s perfect. We’ll transcribe your media, we’ll make an original picture and we’ll socialize it. Before you know it your website will be an authority site just the same way that we’ve built out our site. It’s the exact same process and the same team but now we’re doing it for your site. We’re very excited about this and the first customers are raving about it.

The fourth service that we have is called Reputation Restoration Package and this is where we help you clean up messes. If there are stuff out there you’re not happy with or isn’t really your brand, then we will build websites for you, populate them with original content and then promote them and have them hopefully ranking above the bad stuff.

That’s an overview of our top 4 services. If you want to know which one is right for you, ask the team at Tell them what you need. If you need us to have a quick look at your website, we will have a look at your website this week.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. I’ll speak to you next week.

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  • Akil

    Great video and tips james again always sharing useful information that can help any business get traffic and exposure.

    • James Schramko

      Thank you Akil!

  • David

    You covered a bunch of SEO topics in just a few minutes. This is a must watch for SEO enthusiasts! Thanks James!

  • Megha

    Great information James. Thanks for giving an overview of SEO in a simple way. Certainly, this can aid many in sorting out the issues and find what they want to do with their website.

  • Becca@Skip Bins Sdyney

    Thanks for the good tips provided here! We have to have an action plan in place and hire company or individual to do Seo works to help run business.

    • James Schramko

      we are happy to help :))