Does Duplicate Content Hurt Your Website?

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Topics discussed:

00:17- Use short tail high competition SEO phrases on the homepage
01:27- Promote the content on your website
02:30- James Schramko is open for Podcast interviews
02:42- Re-purposing the same content to different places
03:39- Putting the best content in your best site
04:25- Website check at

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James Schramko here with an SEO news update.

In this episode we will be talking about high competition versus low competition, promote the promoter, and duplicate content.

Long-tail or Short-tail? To be or not to be?
One question I have this week is, should I be focusing on the high competition short-tail or just go for the low competition long-tail? My answer is generally, put the short tail high competition phrases on your ultimate home page and that should be the goal. Then you can use posts with long-tails. Long-tail after long-tail after long-tail will build up your post armory, and from your posts you can funnel traffic back to your highest converting page, and now you’ve got that relevancy.

When someone comes in to your site on that long tail phrase, it’s on a particular topic. You use the copy in that page to convert that customer across to your core topic, back to that home page where it does all the heavy lifting.

It may not just be the home page too; it could be things like the comparison page, it could be a frequently asked questions page, it could be a results or testimonials page that’s doing all that heavy lifting. In any case, you want to be creating as much content as you can, updating your posts as often as you possibly can with multiple media and just get stuff out there and bring it back.

Promoting those promotions
Following on from this, I want to talk about “promote the promotions”. One of the things we do in our business is we create great content and we put that content all over the internet pointing back to the post that we’re promoting. Now, we also promote those posts that we put out there so we go a few layers back. We can do it with bookmarks, we can syndicate it to our RSS feeds with mash-ups, and we can socialize it with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Now here’s another thing, when you put premium content out there that’s not on your website you should promote that as well. If you have a press release, you could promote that press release. If you have articles you can promote those articles. And if you do podcasts for example like in my case, I do podcasts. When someone publishes a podcast that I’m on, on their website, I socialize it, I Google+ it, I tweet it, I comment on it, I get them bookmarks, we back link it, because I want that to be pushed up as well so that everything pointing to my site is elevated.

Now there’s a big tip, if you have a podcast and you have an audience and you want me on it, get on the phone and book me for an interview. I’m happy to get on to your podcast and I’ll help promote your website as well.

Confused about duplicate content?
Some people are still not sure about this duplicate content thing. I know for a fact that if you issue a press release, you put an article out there, it can appear in many places on the internet. It’s absolutely fine, there’s no penalty, there’s no danger.

The big thing that Google does not want you to do is to take the same piece of content and then cut and paste it onto the same website twenty times, there’s no point doing that.That is a ridiculous thing to be doing, it offers no value, and it’s not adding value to the internet.

Duplicate Content

Avoid duplicate content on your site

What you can do is you can take the same piece of content and you can re-purpose that into different places. Ideally, you have different ideas represented in different ways and that’s the ultimate. But even if you have the same press release and it’s on all these different sites, the other pieces of that content generally make each page appear original. Over time, the most powerful version of that content will get the authority and will get the top billing.

So what you want to do is put your best piece of content onto your best most authoritative site first, and if you do have to put it elsewhere or if it is syndicated, then make sure it goes to the second or third level sites after you’ve used it for your premium purpose.

Ideally you want to be putting out new content to new places as often as possible, just build up this huge SEO wall of information that will point back to you and your message. You do this and you’re going to get great results.

A reminder, the website SEO check is just going game-busters. If you don’t know where to start, just go to SuperFastBusiness Traffic Services, hit the “Website Check” button, fill in your details and we’ll come back to you with a little analysis of where your site’s at, what sort of condition it’s looking like, how we can best get a result for you with whichever package from all of our available traffic services. I’m sure you’ll be happy to fill out that form and there’s no cost to you.

I’ll speak to you next week.

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