Website Check: $20

In the online marketplace, your website is your primary platform for success — the mothership from which all your business building efforts will take off. Make sure your website is at its smartest, strongest and most powerful so you can skyrocket your results. See if your website is ready to take on the competition with The SuperFastBusiness Website Check, notably our most in-demand service to date.

Have our team analyze your website and make SEO recommendations.

We’ll take a hard look under the hood — we’ll investigate issues, pinpoint errors, assess its performance. We’ll measure the traffic you get, extract data for business and market research and assess its overall effectiveness. Based on hard facts and evidence, we’ll be able to figure out if your website can truly help you achieve your most essential business objectives and more.

Here’s how we can start checking your websites SEO readiness.

1. Please fill out this form. This will give us an overview of your website, the goals you want it to achieve, and additional information that will help us understand your specific needs and preferences.

2. You will receive a PDF report with personalized SEO-friendly recommendations from our website analysts.

What’s inside your report?

  • Website Stats
  • Monthly Searches And Keyword Targeting
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Link Profile And Over-Optimization Analysis
  • Organic Keyword Impressions And Google Penalty Check
  • Recommendations — We can even match changes in your website to known Google algorithm changes.

Plus: As a valuable add-on, you will also have access to our weekly SEO news updates, our popular video and infographic series that gives practical, timely and high-level business tips that have helped business owners and marketers fine-tune their businesses.

Get more than just a high-value, highly helpful report. Get the knowledge, the tools, the insights and the expert help you need to get the results you deserve. Get started with our Website Check today.

  • We only do Website Checks on English websites.
  • We do not currently conduct SEO repairs. If your site has received severe warnings or if you have been doing very dirty black hat link building, we probably cannot help you.

The Website Check service is priced at a highly discounted, one-time rate. What you’ll pay is not even half the information and insights you’ll get from the report. What’s more, you can get your money back when you order a product from us — your website check payment will be rebated as credit.