Traffic PRO Pack: $259

Targeted, high-quality, high-value content plays a central role in the efforts of businesses and marketers to increase customer engagement, enhance brand awareness, establish trust and authority and empower revenue-building capacity. In today’s highly competitive online marketplace, you need custom content and you need to distribute it correctly to command attention and create a strong, sustainable presence for your business.

Effective content creation and distribution is not just a matter of writing articles and posting them all over the Web. It needs to be targeted to achieve specific objectives. It needs to be highly strategic. It needs to produce business results.

SuperFastBusiness Traffic Pro Pack

Our Traffic PRO Pack system simplifies everything for you. We’ll do all the work. You get the results.

The Traffic PRO Pack is the ideal way to have our highly trained team create custom content and distribute it to quality websites on your behalf. You just need to choose three keyphrases — and we’ll take care of the following:

  • Write 1 original article. Click here to see a sample article
  • Create 6 rewritten versions of the first article.
  • Post your content to a selection of well-trusted websites for quality syndication.
  • Place your content on established Web 2.0 properties (example: websites).
  • Build a buzz for your content via social media networks.
  • Bookmark your content posts.
  • We social media announce your content
  • Build links to your website. All properties will have appropriate key phrases in the anchor text pointing back to your website.

How do you check results?

Set Google Alerts for the core phrases you have selected — no less than an authority source such as Google should provide you the best stats for you to see our excellent results. Also, please note that we do not include trackable links since some sites we submit to will not allow tracking links for privacy, which reduces your trackable footprint. We also do not reveal linking resources and we do not supply logins for accounts.

Plus: Get a Project Report from a dedicated Account Manager assigned to your project.

At the start of the project, receive an account manager invitation from our support desk labeled [Traffic Service PRO Pack]. You will be able to attach pictures, upload content and discuss this project directly with your account manager.

Within 3 weeks after project completion, you will receive a Project Report with completed work details — including before and after rank.

Click here to see a sample report

Here’s what we need from you:

1. The target site URL or website address you wish to promote.
Aside from the home page, you can also choose subpages from the same domain, as long as these pages carry your target keyphrases.

2. The top three keyphrases you would like to rank for and the pages you want to rank on the same domain.
The keyphrase should be placed on the site’s page title.

3. We recommend you add your website to Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) so that you can see the work we are doing. GWT will let you export recent links to your website (see Video).

4. Choose one from our two Traffic PRO Packs: The recurring monthly package or the one-time package, by clicking the button below:

If this is your first time to order an SEO pack for this website, we recommend starting with a Website Check first.

Our signature: We do more work than the stated minimum deliverables. Don’t be surprised when your site starts to rank for phrases in addition to the target phrases — it’s a natural result of a solid, well-designed content and distribution system. Check out what our PRO Pack can do for you today.