LinkJuice: $259

Today’s Web users gravitate toward sites that offer value — information, entertainment, products, services, and other things that create an impact on their lives. And if you own a website, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to provide the value that your customers seek.

How do you accomplish this? By filling your website with fresh, relevant, and beneficial content, and then putting measures into place to ensure that your audience has front-row seats to your content. You can do all this by choosing our LinkJuice Pack.

It brings together the best of two worlds: exceptional on-page content and strategic off-page promotion.

The LinkJuice Pack provides you with three original blog posts which you can place on your own website. The highly trained SuperFastBusiness team will then promote your three new posts using strategically placed links from quality content websites.

Here is what you can expect from your LinkJuice Pack:

  • You will provide us with the top three key phrases that you would like to rank.
  • We will write three newly researched, written and edited articles or blog posts around the provided key phrases that you can post on your website.
  • These three new posts will be promoted using links from indexed websites with mature domains, as well as on social media sites for greater visibility.
  • The website links used are mostly full-follow links from recently cached pages.
  • We will place links permanently.
  • Our team will ensure that all links and posts are bookmarked.

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Key points to consider regarding the completion of your LinkJuice Pack:

Expert assistance from a designated Account Manager

Upon ordering the pack, you will be assigned an account manager who will send you an invitation from our support desk labeled “SuperFastBusiness Traffic Services LinkJuice Pack.” With your account manager, you can discuss various aspects of the project and attach pictures or upload content as you see fit.

Completion and reporting that lets you stay on track

The team will complete your LinkJuice Pack within three weeks. After pack completion, we will send you a report with the complete details, including your website’s before and after ranks, so you can have a clear picture of the progress.

Making our mark

The stated deliverables are the minimum. Our team will often perform more work than stated to provide impressive results for your website — your site may even rank for phrases other than the ones provided for targeting!

Notes to keep in mind:

  • All of our links will be linked to your site, and not to the home page.
  • We do not provide account logins or linking resources; however, we recommend adding your website to Google Webmaster Tools so that you can take a peek at the work we are doing. GWT will let you export ‘recent links to your website’ (see Video).

Content creation and promotion that are done for you, with impressive results.

All it takes to have an effective website is choosing the SuperFastBusiness LinkJuice Pack. Select your top three key phrases, and we will do the rest — we’ll help you beef up your website with unique and relevant content, build quality traffic, and extend your reach to your target audience.