How It Works

When you select your preferred SuperFastBusiness Traffic Services package you will be guided through the check out. You can select either a one-time purchase or an ongoing monthly subscription through Paypal. You can stop the subscription any time you like by logging into your own Paypal account and selecting ‘subscriptions’ then cancel.  We are able to get results within the first month with our new team.


We will complete  the work you paid for and send you a report.  The more SEO resource you allocate towards your campaign the better the results will be. The longer you stay the more links you will build and the higher your search position will be. We also ask you to keep in mind that success timing will depend on how competitive the keywords your are chasing are.


Filling out the form

Once you have made payment you will be allocated a support manager.  You can ask your account manager any questions you like and we will help you. We will ask you for your domain name (one domain per package is the maximum). Please put some thought into the best page to rank per keyphrase. If you are trying to rank for “Party Gifts” then you should have that phrase in the page name and page title. Example:   Doing this will get you a faster result. It is crucial that the search term you are trying to rank appears in the page title of your website page. If you are not sure ask us to check.

For some packages we will need more data. We list what we need on each package.


Keyword phrases

Choosing your keyword phrases is important for getting the results you want. You may already be experienced and know your phrases. Should you require some help with key phrases we will help you select them based on the website address you supply. We will get a brief description of your website and purpose so that we can help you zero in on the keywords that make sense for you. It is important to have several phrases for your site since it is unnatural that people would link to your site using just the one phrase over and over again. This is called link variety.

If you’re unsure what keywords to use, our team can help you with your Detailed Keyword Research Report.


Research Tools

If you need a keyword tool to help you choose buying keywords and measure the competition we recommend you download a free trial version of Market Samurai. This tool will help give you ideas and measure search volume versus competition. The Google keyword selector tool is also excellent. Try exact or phrase match.

Bio and description

You can tell us about your site target market and include a picture of you if you would like to utilize this powerful aspect of social marketing. A more detailed profile helps your links stay in place and attract the right target. If you are the project manager for a client we will deal with YOU and not the client. We will not identify ourselves to anyone but you!


Need anything just ask

Your account manager is dedicated to your results. We have a section where you can issue special instructions specific to your project. We will then feedback this to you when we invite you to our special project management center. From this are we will communicate with you ongoing for the length of your service.

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