21 Tips To Maximise Your Podcasting Results


Podcasting is one way to share valuable content. But having great ideas won't be enough to reach your target audience. You need to use the right platform and feature the right elements of a … [Read more...]

Learn how to maximise your podcasting results by following these simple yet effective tips.

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4 Web Design Practices To Avoid (And 5 Smart Strategies To Replace Them)


Effective website design is vital if you're aiming to increase your visitors as well as boost your conversions. Technology continues to evolve. Some design practices are becoming obsolete. What worked … [Read more...]

Web design contributes to business success. To cope up with constantly changing website trends, learn the new practices and apply them.

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Weekly Digest November 21 2014


Better time management? More online conversions? Content that sells? It's all discussed in this week's SuperFastBusiness posts.Where Does Your Time Go?Every day, your time is taken up by … [Read more...]

This week in SuperFastBusiness, get great tips on managing time, using case studies, setting up a sales-friendly website and more.

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How To Use Case Studies In Marketing For Hype-Free High Conversions


Topics discussed:00:07 - A podcast that talks about real world case studies 00:32 - 2 versions of a case study 01:00 - What makes a good case study? 02:32 - Learn how to make a case study … [Read more...]

Learn how to use a case study as a marketing tool for higher conversions.

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Does Your Website Do This?


Video highlights:00:26 - The important elements of a website 01:01 - Getting people to buy 01:22 - Responding to messages 02:03 - Getting them to your checkout pageClick here to get full … [Read more...]

Learn how to introduce website elements at the right time.

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Dominate With This Content


Content is any material that delivers your company's message to your audience, whether it's a video on your sales page or an article on your blog. In this infographic, see the many things content … [Read more...]

Content does a lot of things for your business that you might not be aware of. Discover the many roles of content and how you can optimize its use on your website.

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