Weekly Digest October 31 2014


This week, SuperFastBusiness focuses on traffic and websites. Find out why responsive themes are the way to go, how important indexing is and how you can better engage your website visitors.The … [Read more...]

Responsive websites, proper indexing and higher user engagement - it's all here in this week's SuperFastBusiness posts.

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How To Heighten Website User Engagement


The more people enjoy your website, the longer they are likely to stay, and the greater the chance of conversion. This makes user engagement an important consideration when developing a business site. … [Read more...]

Engagement retains and converts website visitors. In this infographic, see stats that support this and find out how you can improve engagement on your website.

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Responsive Website Themes – In Numbers


Computers are no longer the only way to access the Net. Millions are surfing on phones and tablets, making it good sense to offer the optimal site-viewing experience on multiple devices. If your site … [Read more...]

Is your business website mobile-responsive? If not, you could be missing out.

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Is Your Site Properly Indexed?


Why should you want your site indexed in Google? In this infographic, check out the numbers that make indexing important and what you should do to ensure your site is getting indexed.Download … [Read more...]

Is your site indexed by Google? Find out why it matters and what could be standing in the way.

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Weekly Digest October 24 2014


Want to publish a book, build a virtual team or get valuable insights into the workings of Google? It's all here and more, in this week's SuperFastBusiness posts.Your Complete Guide To … [Read more...]

This week in SuperFastBusiness, get tips on virtual hiring, building authority, keeping your website in tip-top shape and more.

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Building And Leading A Virtual Team


Technology has made it possible to hire employees who will work and interact with you almost completely online. It's a convenient and cost-effective solution to manpower needs. How does it work? In … [Read more...]

Many entrepreneurs today are scaling their businesses with the help of virtual teams. In this infographic, get online hiring and management tips from an expert on the subject.

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