Weekly Digest December 20 2013

Measuring investments, focus, myths and getting better SEO results. Get this week’s dose of SuperFastBusiness highlights.

marketing-300x245Can You Measure Your Marketing Investments?
Investments come in different forms, so measuring it in quantity might give you a vague idea of what its worth. Check out my take on this.

goal-300x226Focus On The More Important Things
A change in perception can give you a more positive view in life and in your business. See this analogy in a more “visual sense”

mens-bike-300x177Are You Targetting A Single Page On Your Site?
Lately, a lot of people have have been asking this one question. Discover what answer they got and the rationale behind it.

myths-cropped-300x316Debunking The Top 6 Selling Myths
How many of these common selling myths have kept you from making an offer or closing a potential sale? See which ones seem familiar.

metadesc-300x136Do You Want To Have Better On-Page SEO Optimization Results?
Unlike traditional SEO techniques, taking a more natural approach could greatly improve your on-page SEO efforts. Let me to show you which website features you should focus on.

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