Weekly Digest December 20 2013

Measuring investments, focus, myths and getting better SEO results. Get this week’s dose of SuperFastBusiness highlights.
Can You Measure Your Marketing Investments?
Investments come in different forms, so measuring it in quantity might give you a vague idea of what its worth. Check out my take on this.
goalFocus On The More Important Things
A change in perception can give you a more positive view in life and in your business. See this analogy in a more “visual sense”
mens-bikeAre You Targetting A Single Page On Your Site?
Lately, a lot of people have have been asking this one question. Discover what answer they got and the rationale behind it.
myths-croppedDebunking The Top 6 Selling Myths
How many of these common selling myths have kept you from making an offer or closing a potential sale? See which ones seem familiar.
Custom meta descriptions are important
Do You Want To Have Better On-Page SEO Optimization Results?
Unlike traditional SEO techniques, taking a more natural approach could greatly improve your on-page SEO efforts. Let me to show you which website features you should focus on.