Video Marketing Case Study With Jake Hower


James Schramko and Jake Hower (Jake is from provide insights on how the OTR or Own The Racecourse strategy has made it easier to transition traditional marketing efforts online.


In this episode:

  • How the Own The Racecourse strategy can help you transition your business to an online-based marketing platform
  • How to simplify your emails
  • Gathering relevant information for your video updates
  • The importance of understanding who your customers are
  • Benefits of implementing a video marketing approach
  • Increasing your business stats through the OTR method
  • Executing an effective CRM technique and cutting down service time
  • Getting the core idea and creating innovations that work for everyone
  • Things that Jake found surprising after implementing this video marketing strategy
  • How much leverage videos have to offer
  • Expanding to other media elements and services
  • Having more free time to invest efforts on other important things
  • Jake Hower’s The Multi-media Marketing Show podcast
  • The real beauty of OTR and tapping into the different marketing mediums available today
  • How to overcome initial video production issues
  • Zero negative responses and massive business leverage from OTR
  • What would he do differently if he would start off with a whole new different business
  • Which path did he take to find his way to discovering OTR
  • You can draw in more reliable traffic through podcasts
  • What to expect for 2013
  • Some parting advice regarding the OTR strategy

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