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Super Affiliate Masterclass Reveals True Affiliate Marketing Techniques:
The results of this highly intense and unique type of affiliate marketing training with live webinars and forum coaching have been very impressive…

Chief trainer Andy built an affiliate website from scratch as a live case study for the masterclass. Masterclass members could look over his shoulder and follow step-by-step how a Super Affiliate builds a profitable affiliate website. Not many Internet Marketers have the courage to do this.

And the best thing, Andy’s live case study affiliate site already brought in $1079.86 in sales after 4 weeks.

What results have our masterclass students achieved so far?
The last masterclass webinar (week 8 ) was on October 3 2011 and within 2 weeks the implementation rate was very high, almost 70% of our students built their own new affiliate site following the exact steps. This is a very high rate, the average internet marketing course has an implementation rate of  only 10%.

How does it look money-wise? Here just a few excerpts from the success thread:

  • David: “… Made my first sale yesterday with my site that followed Andy’s requirment to the dot, $31 commission.”
  • Nathalie/Olivier: “…We just made our first sale $29.95. Quite happy about it.”
  • Binh: “…I’ve found some real winners, just this month of October I’ve already made $263.30.”
  • Kaz: “…site is currently getting 4-10 visits per day and I’ve made 2 sales in the last 4 days at $45 each! So I’m pretty pleased with that!”
  • Nick: “…Woke up this morning $93.86 richer with my first affiliate commission! A sales ratio of 3.4% – one sale from 29 unique visits! …This has been the easiest money I have ever made online. I have spent years of work on several sites, made my own products, paid for several thousand dollar courses and while I have made money in sales my ROI has been terrible. But, thanks to Andy and James, the dream of working from home is close to becoming a reality.”
  • George: “…I have had a great rankings happen for my site,, however I have applied Andy’s conversion methods to existing sites and had great results. Had my biggest day of sales ever on one website and building a list that is really building up…”
  • Tara: “…Wow everyone! I just found out that this morning I made my first sale… That is – my first sale EVER online!!!”

These early success results are very inspiring and it shows that if people follow a proven method they can succeed. More success stories will follow soon.

How to instantly improve your Affiliate Marketing results
Working very closely with students like we did in the past 8 weeks of the masterclass gave us a lot insights about areas where average affiliate marketers often struggle. Here are a few tips to improve your results from Affiliate Marketing. Following these tips will greatly improve your chance of success:

Market Research
Spending more time on market research and finding out where the big traffic is (and the hungry buyers are) will significantly increase the success rate. We want to actively analyze

offers that are hot at the moment and we can use popular sites like Amazon Bestsellers, eBay Pulse, Clickbank Marketplace and many more to find out what products people are looking for.

We like to target evergreen markets that attract a hungry crowd today and in the future to build a sustainable business. There are 4 big Markets shown in the masterclass where we had our most success in, each broken down into subniches.

Understanding your Market
You need to understand who your target audience is, what problems they have, what language they speak etc. If you can not connect with them it is very difficult to gain trust and chances are that they click the back button quicker than you can think.

Important tip: Try to think like a customer in your market

What problems do these people want to solve? How can you help them to solve it?

Once you understand this part it will get much easier to connect with your readers which will help to gain trust and increase conversions.

Targeting the most profitable (and easiest to rank) keywords
We build hybrid affiliate sites which convert well for paid traffic but also attract organic traffic from search engines. The masterclass shows the detailed steps to find the highest converting keywords with low competition and high demand (number of searches).

We mainly want to focus on buyer and research keywords which makes it much easier to get conversions up to 15%. This mean that we can make a sale from only 10-20 visitors.

Writing high quality content
A lot of affiliates still think that they can just put up some low quality spun content to attract visitors. This doesn’t work anymore. We want to build high quality content that people (and the search engines) love.

Remember we want to build a real business with our own assets. It is much easier to sell a high quality affiliate site than a crap auto generated blog.

It all comes down to helping people solving a problem.

Conversion / Call to actions
A lot of affiliates cluster they pages with a ton of ads, banners, links, optins. Visitors are confused and don’t know what to do.

You need to focus on one call to action per page. What actions do you want your site visitors to perform on your site? Clicking a link to an affiliate offer? Filling in Name and Email into an optin form?

Optimize your site and pages for this one goal.

Paid Traffic
PPC traffic still works well for affiliate sites if you focus on the right ad networks. Using PPC is the fastest way to test a campaign and to know which keywords convert.

A lot of affiliate spend a lot of time (and money) on ranking keywords in the search engines only to find out later, that the keywords don’t convert.

Once you found a winning keywords with paid traffic you exactly know where to put your SEO efforts on.

SEO / Link Building
SEO is probably one of the most mystified areas in Internet Marketing and every wannabe Guru wants to sell you their “latest” secrets to beat the search engines.

The main success factors for getting top search engines rankings are:

– target the right keywords

– good quality content for humans

– consistent link building using quality back links (not just at the beginning…)

Tracking your results
You can’t measure what you don’t track. Measuring key parameters like CTR, conversion rates, converting keywords etc.

will often help to turn a losing campaign into a winner. There are some simple WordPress plugins that make these steps easy even if you are not a programmer geek.

Want to become a Super Affiliate yourself?
If you want to learn step-by-step on how to create a profitable Affiliate site and look over the shoulder of a Super Affiliate and how he creates a profitable affiliate website from scratch

How to get access
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