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Andy Grand is a rather private super affiliate from Switzerland. A member of the Apex club for top 100 Clickbank affiliates he knows a great deal about affiliate marketing. Together we run the most focused Internet Marketing Community on the web – SuperFastResults.

Listen to todays podcast to hear Andy answer my questions:

  • Is Affiliate marketing still valid?
  • What changes have taken place in the market?
  • The best traffic source?
  • What is different after the Google SEO changes?
  • Is the Google affiliate program good?
  • Explain the Clickbank / Plimus changes?

Andy will be visiting Australia to present at FWF3

ATTENTION: Affiliate Marketers
Andy and I put together a hands-on 8 Week Super Affiliate Masterclass. Watch the video here to see my affiliate mistakes and successes plus discover if this program is your best option for getting ahead in the shortest amount of time:

Masterclass started August 15th Check the course here!!

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