How To Improve Your On-Page SEO Optimization

Basic on-page SEO is simple but often overlooked. Discover how easy steps can do a lot for your ranking.

In today’s SEO news:

00:06 – Good on-page SEO basics
00:48 – Keep your content unique and natural
01:19 – What are you doing right? What needs improvement?

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James Schramko here with an SEO news update. I want to talk about meta descriptions.

The Value Of Meta Descriptions
So quite often, Google will show a site, and the little bit of text underneath the listing is the meta description. Now sometimes they’ll make it up if they can’t find one, but the worst thing you can do is have duplicate descriptions, and this is very common on sites like e-commerce stores, where you take the default setting when you pull in data.

What you really want to do, and it’s worth doing this, is have a custom description on every single post. Now you really don’t need to worry about putting meta keywords, but a meta description is still valuable, as is the page title. And the page title should be descriptive, and it should be unique for every single page. Page titles and page descriptions are still really good on-page SEO basics.

Custom descriptions are important

Custom descriptions are important

Unique, Natural Content
Once you’ve done that, of course all of the content on the page should be unique. You don’t need to worry about sprinkling keywords here and there, just talk naturally. When I make a video like this, every single word that I say will be transcribed, and that is a natural conversation.

This will be the first time this piece of content appears anywhere on the Internet, and if it answers the question on how to create the right meta description for your blog post, then it is actually going to rank for that naturally, because it’s a conversational question that needs an answer.

And the answer is solved by getting a service like SuperFastBusiness Traffic Services to help you, to tell you what you’re doing right with your site, and also to tell you where you can make improvements and then to actually do the improvements.

On-Site Help
Now if you want help on-site, we also do that at, where we can actually go over your website, tell you all the things that we would change to make it better, and when you say yes, then we’ll go and change it too. And this is available under our five-hour pack. So head over to, click on the hourly work, buy a five-hour pack, and we will go over your WordPress website and fix it up for you.

Well, hope that’s useful. I’m looking forward to hearing what results you get with unique meta descriptions. I’m James Schramko, I’ll talk to you again soon.

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