How Many Emails Do You Get?

I received over 80,000 emails in 2013 and only sent out more than 20,000. In this video, I'll explain why this happened and how I managed this huge volume of messages.

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00:27 – I was surprised at the stats on my emails sent / received last year
00:50 – Get a quick email report from this free app
01:25 – Why I had fewer emails sent out (and how you can too)
02:16 – I’d like to hear from you about your email volumes
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82,000 emails a year, 6,700 per month, 224 per emails day, that’s what I received in 2013. In this short video I’m going to talk to you about your email in and out ratio and how you can find out what sort of load you’re under and certainly how you can fix it.


Are you overwhelmed by your email?

The good news is that I only sent out 21,000 emails from my Gmail account which is about 1600 per month and about 56 per day.
Analyze Your Emails
I published a course a while back called Inbox Relief and I put that out there as a product. It was well received. People liked it. It helps you actually eliminate emails from your inbox. One of the tools in Inbox Relief was a free tool that could sign up for and it would tell you your email activity.
Now, that tool was taken off the market for years but they just released the report function again. It’s not as detailed as it used to be, but if you go to, you can take the report.
I’ll put a link right near this video where you can go and get your own report. I’m not affiliated with this, it’s just a great resource. Once you analyze your own emails, you can compare that to mine and then start working on improving your situation.


Why I Sent Out Fewer Emails
Of the 82,000 emails that I received in 2013, a lot of them went to labels or filters that I’ll never actually look at. Like a check label or a file or archive label. The reason I only sent 21,000 emails from my Gmail account is that most of them were replies and they were the bare minimum that I need to run my business on average.
Now, there are peaks and troughs. The bulk of my emails were sent using a professional autoresponder service like Office Autopilot where I’ve sent millions of emails in 2013 but from a full on whitelist-cleared subscription-based email CRM system and that’s the best way marketers should operate.


Hopefully you’re not sending broadcast emails from your Gmail account because that’s a sure way to get yourself in trouble. Make sure you use a proper system.
Share Your Reports
If you’d like to find out other ways to reduce your email system, check out Inbox Relief. I hope you enjoy the tool. I hope it gives you some insight into how busy your inbox is and I’d love to find out: What are your stats? Post them right near this video. Remember I had 82,000 in and 21,000 out. What were your stats for 2013?
I’m James Schramko and I’ll catch up with you soon.
Please leave your comments below.

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  • Richard Marc Toutounji

    Cool app 22,827 emails received

    • James Schramko

      nice – good filtering going on!

  • Andrew Cordova

    18,385 received.

    • James Schramko

      cool thats good pruning!

  • Dan Norris

    32,000 received for me. Need to start unsubscribing! Google gives me a monthly report on this too it was some new feature they announced recently, Google Apps stats or something like that.

    • James Schramko

      I think you are right – I need to check that since I have apps. I manage most of my business / projects via email so I am not so surprised that I send more emails than others.

  • James Schramko

    John Hawes suggested which I am also trying.

    • James Schramko

      this report turned out well!!!! it shows where the lost emails come from and a word cloud – thanks John

  • Kenny Goodman

    18k received and 6k sent. Obviously not as popular as you :-)

    • James Schramko

      Kenny the frugal master! Excellent. Most of mine go to filters and I never see them but I need to cut down

      • Kenny Goodman

        Learned from the best back in 2010 on a little trip to Sydney!

        • James Schramko


  • funeralfuturist

    Cool resource James! 29,504 received and 6,246 sent (61% were replies sent by me).

    • James Schramko


  • Phill_NOTGV

    I sent 81 emails and received 167 . Talk about kicking ass.

    • James Schramko

      sounds unbelievable

      • Phill_NOTGV

        I have 2 email addresses coming through my gmail account. Does it pick up both addresses?

        • James Schramko

          I’m not sure

  • James Tappenden

    8743 emails in, 2250 out (83% replies). I started GApps on Feb and left all the junk behind in my personal gmail (report has been crunching for a while now, I think I broke it lol)

    • James Schramko

      I have found why I get so many emails – new video coming up soon!

  • Carol Amato

    In: 8,043
    Out: 6,333

    I respond to every person that emails me, but I use software, so it’s little typing, and quick.

    I will have a look at your course inside FWF because I know I can get this down.


    • James Schramko

      Already pretty low !

  • Aric Boyles

    In: 51,390
    Out: 7,501

    59% replies
    Great tool! Would be interesting to see anonymous stats for averages and comparisons. Thanks James.

    • James Schramko

      Aric well done!!

  • Entrepreneur On Fire

    36180 in, 24774 out.

    These are pretty legit #’s as I subscribe to VERY few newsletters in this account…great insight thanks James!

    ~ John Lee Dumas

    • James Schramko

      Epic John! I know you love to measure.