Dave Kaminski Web Video Secrets Interview With James Schramko


Dave Kaminski is a quality teacher of online web video skills at WebVideoUniversity.com. His background as a professional copywriter, videographer and direct response marketing helped this former U.S. Marine setup splendidly online. Dave specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to effectively use web video in their marketing efforts. I have been through one of his excellent video courses.

Dave Kaminski – WebVideoUniversity.com
Highlights from this episode:

  • The dangers of creating sales video players with NO player controls (even if you think they convert better)
  • What is better between TEXT video sales letters versus FACE TO CAMERA videos
  • How to overcome nerves and become a natural on camera when you are filming yourself even if you suck right now
  • The best video, sound and lighting equipment to use right now to get results within your budget
  • Which is more important, sound or video picture quality?
  • Why SLR cameras replicate your eye more and how to harness natural light
  • A ninja testimonial technique for getting great videos from customers
  • How to leverage your customer service using videos
  • The FREE software Dave uses to convert (encode) videos for web
  • Why YouTube videos play on most devices
  • What format to use for mobile devices to get a reliable streaming experience for your self hosted videos
  • Daves choice of SLR Camera (“It’s a steal”)



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